Tifosi Podium XC is a Fine Sunglass Shield for Endurance Sports


Tifosi Podium XC SunglassThe Tifosi Podium XC is a fine sun glass shield for endurance sports. The Podium is a medium sized shield that comes with three lenses: an iridescent reflective blue, a pink amber, and clear. The shield comes with a hard case, soft pouch, and a protective insert for the alternative lenses.

Lens Quality

I have found the quality of the reflective blue lens pretty good, though admittedly, I do have other lenses available in order to make an informed comparison. I think the blue reflective lens does a really good job of handling UV A and UV B light. They do a very good  job a reducing glare yet the blue lens is not too dark in medium light condition which speaks to the lens' versatility.  The blue lens is my go-to day-to-day lens.

A couple of times I've used the amber in low light conditions and the clear lens on a windy night out side.

Lens Shape

In my experience, just because a sun glass calls itself a shield doesn't necessarily mean the glass acts like a shield. In the case of the Podium XC, the shield geometry keeps the wind and thus particulates out of your eyes, thus contact lens uses should find the design favorable.


I've always been a bit suspect of interchangeable lenses as I wonder about how much testing of such a feature was performed by real people. In the case of the Podium, I'm surprisingly pleased with the interchangeability of the lenses. I admit to following the instructions when switching the arms and nose piece, just so as to not inadvertently damage any component. I've got to say there is minimal if no risk in causing any damage, but there is a bit of nuance to performing the switcher-roo confidently.


One thing that annoys me about sunglasses is irritation from undo pressure from the arms a the sun glass may cause above the ear. This can be especially annoying while wearing a bicycle helmet. I have experienced no such irritation from the Podium XC. I have about well over 100 hours wearing the Podium as a performance glass and just casually. I have fifteen to twenty hours running in the glass. I have not noticed the mass of the glass while wearing them, and that is a good thing.


So far the lens have been resistant to scratches. The replacement design has retained its functionality.


The Tifosi Podium XC is a fine sun glass shield worth consideration that seems on par with the quality products in the market. 

The Tifosi Podium XC retails for $79.95. For more information, see https://www.tifosioptics.com

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