Tucson Bicycle Classic Cancelled for 2020 after 34 Years


By Steve Bohn, TBC Founder and Promoter

34th Annual 2020 Tucson Bicycle Classic Canceled

TUCSON, Arizona (November 7, 2019) – With great regret, sadness and after much soul searching, I am announcing the 2020 Tucson Bicycle Classic (March 13-15) is canceled due to lack of commitment from the local cycling community, USAC cycling teams and dismal staff volunteer response. Les Scomparse (33 years) and Rhino Racing Team (12 years) have been dedicated, integral parts of the organization, staff and infrastructure of the race. After 12+ years of hard work, 4 main staff members and Rhino are stepping back from the race.

Reaching out to various teams and organizations via email, meetings and social media the last 6 months, the response was almost nonexistent. Ironically, for the first time in 5 years, the TBC has a title sponsor lined up but without a committed staff and team, this complex and beautiful race cannot move forward.

I am very proud of the TBC, hatching the idea in the spring of 1986 with other teammates in ’69 VW bus returning from very fun (and disorganized) Candlelight Classic Stage Race in New Mexico. Nearly 200 riders entered the inaugural TBC in August from across the West with the draw of racing in a timed stage race on open roads, just a month after Greg Lemond won his first Tour de France. Since then it had grown into one of the most popular stage races in the west, attracting over 700 racers at it’s peak.

Special thanks to all of the volunteers, racers, staff and sponsors over the last 33 years that made the TBC a reality. In return, the TBC supported El Grupo Youth Cycling and fights domestic violence supporting Emerge! as well as donating $100,000 back to the community over 33 years. The event generated nearly $1,000,000 in the regional economy yearly and helped put Tucson on the Cycling Mecca Map.

The option of the a 2021 (and beyond) TBC is open provided a committed team/organization and staff can come forward.


Steve Bohn

TBC Founder and Promoter

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  1. That absolutely sucks Steve. You and your team do an amazing job and its an incredible event. Super sad to read this 🙁


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