Owen, Williams win 2019 Salt Lake Criterium – Report, Results, Photos


The first edition of the Salt Lake Criterium was held on July 20, 2019 in downtown Salt Lake City. The race was a stop on the professional USA Crits series tour, an eleven event national series featuring the country’s top criterium racers. The race was a 1.1 mile circuit passing through the Gateway Mall.

In the women’s race, Harriet Owen (Hagens Berman/Supermint) won the field sprint to take the win, with Emma Bast (Levine Law Group p/b Huseby.com) in second and Starla Teddergren (Hagens Berman/Supermint) in third.

In the men’s race, Legion of Los Angeles took over at the front to set up their team leader. The strategy here worked perfectly as it has at many other criteriums this year. National criterium champion Justin Williams of the Legion of Los Angeles beat Tyler Magner (Rally UHC Cycling) to the line, followed by his brother Cory Williams, also of Legion of Los Angeles in third.

Full results are below.

The women’s D1/Pro peloton chases an early break during the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
The women’s D1/Pro peloton passes under the finish line banner during the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
Bold graphics overlook the women as they pass under at the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
Two rider break during the Women’s D1/Pro race at the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
Harriet Owen (Hagens Berman/Supermint) wins the D1/Pro division of the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
Men’s D1/Pro riders line up at the start of the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
Justin Williams (Legion of Los Angeles) current USA National Criterium Champion. Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
Justin Williams (Legion of Los Angeles), Blake Anton (Marc Pro Cycling) & Sam Lear (Palmetto State Medical) called up at the start of the Men’s D1/Pro Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
Fading evening sunlight reflects off the Men’s D1/Pro peloton during the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
Legion of Los Angeles tearm riders in tight formation setting up the win for Justin Williams. Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
ButcherBox Cycling riders lead the pack past the fans during the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)
Veteran announcer Dave Towle has a quick word with Cory Williams and brother Justin (Legion of Los Angeles) after taking 3rd & 1st respectively at the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards, daverphoto.com)


Pro/1 Men

First NameLast NameBib #TeamTimePlace
JustinWILLIAMS1Legion of Los Angeles1:13:451
TylerMAGNER48Rally UHC Cycling1:13:452
CoryWILLIAMS2Legion of Los Angeles1:13:453
ScottMCGILL16Aevolo Cycling1:13:454
ThomasGIBBONS17Automatic Racing1:13:465
CadeBICKMORE11Aevolo Cycling1:13:476
CooperROMBOLD68Este Racing1:13:477
HuntleyNASH70 1:13:478
JohnBORSTELMANN44Marc Pro Cycling1:13:489
ZackALLISON57Team CLIF Bar1:13:4911
ConorMULLERVY73TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling1:13:5112
DavidGUTTENPLAN52Support Clean Sport / BSCG / Guttenplan Coaching1:13:5213
GrantSIMONDS25DEAN Factory Racing1:13:5214
KalerMARSHALL31Hangar 15 Bicycles1:13:5215
SimonJONES65UCI CT Interpro Cycling Academy1:13:5316
AllanSCHROEDER56Team Bobs-Bicycles.com1:13:5317
SamROSENHOLTZ23ButcherBox Cycling1:13:5318
OwenGILLOTT10Team CLIF Bar1:13:5319
BlakeANTON42Marc Pro Cycling1:13:5520
NicholasLUTHER54Support Clean Sport / BSCG / Guttenplan Coaching1:13:5621
JohnHARRIS22ButcherBox Cycling1:13:5622
KevinMULLERVY60Team CLIF Bar1:13:5723
AndrewVOLLMER12Aevolo Cycling1:14:0126
ConorSCHUNCK13Aevolo Cycling1:14:0127
KylePENNY55Support Clean Sport / BSCG / Guttenplan Coaching1:14:1428
LanceHAIDET14Aevolo Cycling1:14:2629
MaxlFREEMAN51Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team1:14:4530
BryceOLSEN41LiVeWell p/b Harristone1:14:5131
GriffinPARK32Hangar 15 Bicycles1:15:0532
CoryLOCKWOOD6Legion of Los Angels1:15:0833
SpencerMOAVENZADEH24ButcherBox Cycling1:15:1034
WyattGAULKE49Reynolds Roofing1:15:1735
KyleTIESLER8Palmetto State Medical1:16:0136
TylerLOCKE53Support Clean Sport / BSCG / Guttenplan Coaching1:25:0037
WillieMYERS43Marc Pro Cycling1:25:0038
ChazHOGENAUER9Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team1:25:0039
TannerSOELBERG47PLAN7 DS Cycling Team1:30:5040
PeterBEHM66Zubaz Racing1:30:5041
KobiGYETVAN7 1:30:5042
AJTURNER59Team CLIF Bar1:30:5043
CeasarGALLEGO19Butcherbox Cycling1:30:5044
Heriberto eddyFRUTOS64Team UpCycle p/b St. Alphonsus Medical Center1:30:5045
EricBRUNNER15Aevolo Cycling1:30:5046
HunterGROVE4Legion of Los Angeles1:30:5047
ConnorSALLEE21ButcherBox Cycling1:30:5048
AdamSCHEPPS20ButcherBox Cycling1:30:5049
SamLEAR46Palmetto State Medical1:30:5050
ClintonMORTLEY40LiVeWell p/b Harristone1:30:5051
JosephLEWIS58Team CLIF Bar1:30:5052
RobSMALLMAN33Hangar 15 Bicycles1:30:5053
TimmyBAUER71 1:30:5054
AlexOCHOWICZ67 1:30:5055
TyrelFUCHS50Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team1:30:5056
JustinMORGAN63Team Roaring Mouse1:30:5057
DanteYOUNG5Legion of Los Angeles1:30:5058
DavidCHRISTENSON45Marc Pro Cycling1:30:5059
KevinTURCHIN69 1:30:5060
MichaelFERRELL62Team Feral Catz1:30:5061
EduardoDavis72 1:30:5062
LaurenDODGE18Automatic Racing1:30:5063
DiegoBINATENA3Legion of Los Angeles13:25:0064

Pro Women

HarrietOWEN25Hagens Berman|Supermint1:00:151
EmmaBAST34Levine Law Group p/b Huseby.com1:00:162
StarlaTEDDERGREEN27Hagens Berman|Supermint1:00:163
SarahCONEY28LA Sweat1:00:164
HeatherFISCHER3DNA Pro Cycling Team1:00:165
TinaPIC11Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling1:00:166
AbigailYOUNGWERTH44Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo1:00:177
JoleneHOLLAND-NEVE16Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling1:00:178
YusselySOTO15Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling1:00:179
JenniferWAGNER43Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo1:00:1810
CHRISTINAGOKEY SMITH14Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling1:00:1811
KimberlyLUCIE4DNA Pro Cycling Team1:00:1812
DaniMORSHEAD31LA Sweat1:00:1913
PipSUTTON46Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo1:00:1914
MichelleHENRY38Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres1:00:1915
NataliaFRANCO VILLEGAS12Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling1:00:2016
EmilyFLYNN29LA Sweat1:00:2017
LaurelRATHBUN13Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling1:00:2218
JessicaMUNDY47Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo1:00:2219
BrennaWRYE-SIMPSON6DNA Pro Cycling Team1:00:2320
CarolineMANI8Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres1:00:2321
WhitneyALLISON24Hagens Berman|Supermint1:00:2422
SophiaANDREWS9Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres1:00:2423
LisaCORDOVA36Levine Law Group p/b Huseby.com1:00:2424
MelanieBEALE2DNA Pro Cycling Team1:00:2525
LaurenDODGE10Automatic Racing1:00:3226
LizaRACHETTO26Hagens Berman|Supermint1:00:4127
HannahSHELL5DNA Pro Cycling Team1:03:3128
DakotaTOPP37Levine Law Group p/b Huseby.com1:12:2429
JenniferQUIJADA17Dean Factory Racing1:15:1030
SophieRUSSENBERGER7Point S Auto p/b Nokian Tyres1:16:1531
ErinHARRIS48Team Upcycle Boise p/b St. Alphonsus Medical Center1:24:2032
ChristaGHENT32LA Sweat1:39:2033
HayleyBATES35Levine Law Group p/b Huseby.com1:49:1634
KatieCLOUSE1DNA Pro Cycling Team1:55:1735
LexieMILLARD33LA Sweat1:56:4536
AshleyWEAVER30LA Sweat1:59:3737


Last NameFirst NameBib #TeamTimePlace
Cat 1-2-3 Men     
ASSALISaid401Shama Cycles1:00:072
STEVENSONBen438Johnson Elite Orthodontics1:00:113
MONCURtommy424Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health1:00:124
BROCKHOFFErik405Cicada Racing Inc.1:00:125
FLUCKIGERDylan411Roost Racing1:00:126
PATRICKCraig432Team Bobs-Bicycles.com1:00:127
OSGUTHORPEJohn430LiVeWell p/b Harristone1:00:128
ROBINSONAndrew435Zone Five Racing1:00:129
HAGEMANTodd416 1:00:1210
TOMKINSONTroy440Zone Five Racing1:00:1311
ODONNELLLiam429Cicada Racing Inc.1:00:1312
EDWARDSTaylor410Zone Five Racing1:00:1313
AWADJimmy402Competitive Cyclist1:00:1314
MOOREViggo427Society Cycles1:00:1315
HURSTGary420SaltCycle-Kestrel Wellness1:00:1316
GANGI-WELLMANLuke412Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health1:00:1417
COLLIERJohn407Dash Racing (Indianapolis)1:00:1719
CORDOVAMichael408Northrim Adventure Sports Racing1:00:1720
MONCURMatt425Team Upcycle P/B St Alphonsus1:00:1821
HARRISAndrew417Team UpCycle P/B Saint Alphonsus1:00:2022
HOENERobert419Team Bobs-Bicycles.com1:00:2223
BARRETTRyan450Turbo Sports LLC1:00:2224
RAPPLEYEBilly434Zone Five Racing1:00:2425
GONZALEZAndre414Ski City Cycling1:00:2426
CANNONbrent406Team Elevate1:00:2427
STORIEGavin448 1:00:2628
EDWARDSPreston409Zone Five Racing1:00:2829
MANWARINGNathan422Johnson Elite Orthodontics1:00:3632
WEEKSPreston445Hangar 15 Bicycles1:00:4633
OTTMichael431Team UpCycle p/b St. Alphonsus Medical Center1:00:5034
BONESSCody404Counties Manukau Cycling (CMC)1:00:5235
CHENOWETHChad452PLAN7 DS Cycling Team1:01:1336
ARNELLRoger400Johnson Elite Orthodontics1:01:1937
MONEYDane426LiVeWell pb Harristone1:01:5838
GONDERIan413 1:02:2939
VAN KIRKRob441CT Velo1:02:4940
WARNERPaul443Team CLIF BAR1:03:1241
JONESMaitland449 1:03:1242
Cat 3-4 Men     
LEMONERyan390 0:48:531
KlineTommy396 0:48:532
BONDJason354Johnson Elite Orthodontics0:48:533
PORTERNic393 0:48:534
ANDERSONAustin350Velocause Centraal Cycling0:48:535
ODONNELLLiam378Cicada Racing Inc.0:48:546
COLLIERJohn357Dash Racing (Indianapolis)0:48:547
PELLERINAdam379Troublemaker Cycling0:48:548
MORRISScott395Village VW Chattanooga Cycling Team0:48:549
CIMINOStephen356Ascent Cycling0:48:5410
JUIPJeffrey367PLAN7 DS0:48:5411
WAHLS.Todd385Cicada Racing Inc.0:48:5512
MCGARRYMatthew386 0:48:5513
CAREYLeith355 0:48:5614
MEDLINZach372Mi Duole Cycling0:48:5615
MOSSAndrew377US Military Endurance Sports0:48:5716
BARTSCHnoah351ATC Racing0:48:5717
FRITZNick361SaltCycle – Kestrel Wellness0:48:5718
GuerrdMigel392 0:48:5819
HORSTMANRobbie365Donkey Label0:48:5820
SELLERSDaniel383SaltCycle-Kestrel Wellness0:49:0121
KAPPJacob368Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health0:49:0323
HULLBryan366SaltCycle-Kestrel Wellness0:49:0724
LEMONAnthony369 0:49:0925
GRECOAndrew363Hangar 15 Bicycles0:49:1526
COOKTyson358Bingham Cyclery-Peak Fasteners0:50:1727
MILLINGTONJared374Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health0:50:4130
WARDJeremy397 0:50:4131
HOGGJeff394 0:50:4132
MILLERMark373Hangar 15 Bicycles0:50:4133
MORENOChristian Koi376Society Cycles0:50:4135
RAYLJackson380Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health0:50:4136
Cat 4/5 Men     
SZCZESNYMichael283 0:40:081
NIELSONJeremiah276Red Burro Racing0:40:082
ZICKKyle287 0:40:093
HORSTMANRobbie262Donkey Label0:40:104
LoperJesse294 0:40:115
LEISLEBryan267 0:40:116
MCGARRYMatthew291 0:40:117
CAMPBELLRich254Zone Five Racing0:40:118
REIDMitch279 0:40:119
MEDINAJose275 0:40:1210
GARCIAAlvin260 0:40:1211
LANDENeil265Stay Park City Cycling0:40:1212
STRATTONJames “Rob”282NEBO Cycling0:40:1213
BARTSCHnoah251ATC Racing0:40:1414
LOCKWOODKevin268 0:40:1915
WEBERJared286Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health0:40:2316
KELLYStephen264 0:40:2317
WEAVERRoss285Bike Shoppe0:40:3218
FRAMPTONChris258Nebo peaks0:41:4419
AndersonChris290 0:42:0921
MAHONEYKristopher272Zone Five Racing0:42:3623
FRUTOSJuan259Team UpCycle p/b St. Alphonsus Medical Center0:42:3724
OPIEZach278 0:42:3825
MAISONVILLELloyd273Goats on Fire0:42:3826
BONESSNate253Counties Manukau Cycling (CMC)0:42:3927
CAMPOSJavier255Saltcycle Kestrell Wellness0:42:4028
SuttonMike293 0:43:0429
TorresAnton288 0:43:1830
COLLARDChristopher256 0:43:1831
SLABINSKIRick281Stay in Park City (SPCC)0:43:1832
LARSONDylan266Go Ride0:43:1833
OLSENNate277Yo Momma Don’t Pull0:43:1834
MADDENAndrew271 0:43:1835
VASQUEZEd284Dean Factory Racing0:43:1936
Master Men 40 plus     
BAIRDTom300Bills Bike and Run0:43:221
STORIEgavin333Johnson Elite Orthodontics0:43:222
JONESFrancois341Methods to Winning Elite0:43:234
RAPPLEYEBilly326Zone Five Racing0:43:235
MORRISKenneth321Ski City Cycling0:43:237
MORGANJustin320Team Roaring Mouse0:43:238
HEINRICHChristoph316KUHL Cycling Team0:43:249
HAGEMANTodd314 0:43:2410
RODELMark328Rolf Factory Team0:43:2411
POWERSScott325Zone Five Racing0:43:2512
THOMASQuincy334Empire Bicycles0:43:2513
EDWARDSPreston308Zone Five Racing0:43:2514
NIELSONJeremiah322Red Burro Racing0:43:2515
TURCHINKevin340 0:43:2516
HoopesDan347 0:43:2617
VASQUEZEd337Dean Factory Racing0:43:2718
VAN NATTAGuy336Core Techs Cycling-TwT0:43:2719
CANNONbrent304Team Elevate0:43:2720
GONZALEZAndre312Ski City Cycling0:43:3122
MATHEWSONScott343 0:43:3123
HIGLEYTrenton345 0:43:3224
NORRISKeith323Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team0:43:3225
VAN KIRKRob335CT Velo0:43:3327
OLSENAaron324Ski City Cycling0:43:3428
JUDKINSAndrew319Johnson Elite Orthodontics0:43:3529
BARTSCHnoah302ATC Racing0:43:3530
BRADLEYseth303DNA CYCLING0:43:3931
WIKSTROMMatthew342 0:43:3932
GALLAGHERJon310One2Go Event Services/Rule 76 Racing0:44:5033
WHITNEYAlex338Ski City Cycling0:44:5034
FRYENorman309Ski City Cycling0:44:5035
COLLINSCharles344 0:44:5036
RAYLKenneth327Ascent Cycling p/b RB Health0:44:5037
Unkownrider346 0:44:5038
Women’s Masters     
DODGELauren221 0:44:271
GEITERRachel206 0:44:272
STEVENSONLindsey217Zone Five Racing0:44:273
TAYLORFinn222Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo0:44:284
LINDEJamie212Zone Five Racing0:44:285
SHIELDSKatherine215Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners0:44:297
HOWEAngela208Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners0:44:298
HUNSAKERKelly209PLAN7 DS0:44:309
TUDDENHAMShannon219PLAN7 DS0:44:3510
KLINEAshley210Zone Five Racing0:44:3811
CAREYAngie202Colorado women’s cycling project0:44:4612
FRYEAlison204Ski City Cycling0:44:4813
STANFIELDAmy216Porcupine/Cityworks Cycling Team0:44:4814
TOPPDakota218Levine Law Group p/b Huesby0:47:1215
HansenJessica223 0:47:1216
LAMBKarissa211PLAN7 DS0:47:1217
VARELADesiree220SunPower Racing0:47:3818
FURUTARebecca205Team Novo Nordisk0:47:3819
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