Marty Jemison’s 1998 San Sebastian World Cup Diary


1998 San Sebastian World Cup Race

14th ! for Marty Jemison

The race really all happens on the Jaizkibel….. a 8kms climb which averages 6%……… this climb is crucial as it comes after 125 miles of climbing. Yes that's at 200kms. I was a protected rider for the day, knowing that the form from the TDF should be good. With me were Tyler and Lance…. although I was ready to work for them on the climb because they are usually better in the climbs…

The peloton split a bit going over a roller approx 5 k form the Jaizkibel…. from there it was an all out sprint to the base of the climb. With 500meters or so to go …. Lance wanted to move up , so I found a hole and rode to the front in the wind, all at around 60kph. After a right hand turn the climb started and we were in the top 10.. I felt very good.. working up to the top 5… L. Jalabert accelerated and I thought about going with, but thought that it might be a move where I would go to deep. I was expecting Lance to call out for me to set tempo…. to bring Ja Ja back, but I heard nothing. I followed in the chase, now 6-8 riders back. Ja Ja blew and so did 2-3 riders who had followed him… I found myself in second position with great legs. I decided to remain calm. I looked over my shoulder and saw that the group was a maximum of 25 riders!! I did not see Lance. I held my position, Meier set pace for the next 3-4kms, it was perfect. With 1.5kms to the top I was digging hard , Casagrande had attacked and our group was reallly stretching, it was not a steady tempo anymore. Riders were struggling…… I was on the rivet… going into serious oxygen debt!!

No recovery on the descent , I was sprinting out of every corner….. my judgement was off since I had gone sooo deep…. 25kms to the finish … and constant attacks… it never ended. Staying with the attacks was harder than going up the climb..

In the end I was sprinting for 10th. taking 14th!


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