Utah Outlaw United Heads to Lenzerheide Junior Men’s Downhill | UCI Mountain Bike World Series Round 1

June 7, 2023  (PROVO, UTAH) — The Outlaw Bike Team (Outlaw Tribe) is proud to announce the creation of Outlaw United for the 2023 World Cup downhill mountain bike race, season and beyond. Our 17+ UCI sanctioned World Cup downhill team will feature 10 Elite riders of racing age 17 and over. All reside in either the United States (Utah, California and Washington) or Canada.
The Outlaw Junior MTB Downhill Team. Photo courtesy Utah Outlaws

2023 Outlaw United Team: Etan Bravard (USA – OR), Ethan Donohoe (USA-CA), Dillon Flinders (USA- UT), Marcus Goguen (CAN – BC), Caden Gray (USA – CA), Jack Macleod (CAN – BC) , Dylan Marino (CAN – BC), Drake Parker (USA – UT), Jake Polito (CAN – BC) , Zac Stratton (CAN- BC)

Local Utah Outlaw Tribe graduates, Dillon Flinders and Drake Parker will take the stage representing Utah / USA Jr. Men this summer begin UCI World Cup Round 1 in Lenzerheide, Switzerland June 10-11, 2023.

The Junior Men/Women and the Elite Finals will be on GCN + , Eurosport and Discovery + ( paid subscriptions ) Friday, June 9 Junior Women 13:10 CEST , Junior Men 13:55 CEST,  or live on YouTube by subscribing to the UCI Mountain Bike World Series here https://www.youtube.com/live/kUGH_0OVCrY

The Outlaw Bike Team is now recognized on the world stage. For more information or to join the team please visit:

Web: www.outlawbiketeam.com

Instagram: @OutlawTribe / @UCI.Outlaw

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@outlawtribe/videos

Keep up to date with all of the action by following stories @UCI.Outlaw @Outlawtribe @SaltCycles on Instagram.

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