Mathewson and Sheridan Win 2015 Antelope 50K Mountain Bike Race – Report, Results, Photos

Jake Mathewson won the 2015 Antelope 50k Mountain Bike Race on April 18, 2015. Photo by Aktiva Sports Photography.
Jake Mathewson won the 2015 Antelope 50k Mountain Bike Race on April 18, 2015. Photo by Aktiva Sports Photography.
Antelope Island MTB Race
Panoramic single track on Antelope Island with racers #33 Charles Jenkins and #62 Rick Wetherald. Photo Credit Aktiva Sports Photography.

The first annual Antelope 50K Mountain Bike Race staged by Endura Events, was held April 18, 2015 at Antelope Island State Park. The weather was sunny, clear, and beautiful unlike the snow & cold weather that blanketed the Island two days prior to the race. The snow & rain dried up enough to leave the trails in great condition. Over 70 riders came out to enjoy the unmatched vistas of Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake.

Racers started out in waves according to the distance being ridden. The majority of participants wanting the full experience of the 50k, started first. The 50k consisted of 2 times around the 25k route. 25k racers started 2nd with 13k folks making up the last wave.

Antelope Island MTB Race
Like a herd of antelope at the start. Photo Credit Paul Twitchell.

The start consisted of a long straightaway, then a sharp turn, across the flat and up the first accent. After a couple of switch backs, the course gained elevation until reaching the bench road; then flat terrain and a chance to catch your breath while traveling north, until reaching a single track descent to the saddle. Here the Wasatch Mountains were visible with their reflection on one side, and the Great Salt Lake and the salt flats on the other. Midway across the saddle, the 13k racers took a cutoff road back to the finish. A long descent at the end of the saddle continued until reaching the lone tree climb leading to Elephant Point. Riders legs and lungs burned on the climb. But an aid station greeted folks at the top of the lone tree climb.

Antelope Island MTB Race
Megan Sheridan won the women's pro field at the Antelope 50K. Photo Credit Aktiva Sports Photography

After catching their breath by the aid station, the trail took riders around two points with only a bit of up and down. Once past the corrals the technical part of the route greeted riders with a series of switchbacks leading down a steep descent on single track through rocky passes looping back to Elephant Point Bay. From here bikers start through Death Valley; followed by a 1.5 mile climb back up to the aid station. Sight is deceiving and this leg looks very close when the elevation gain makes it a long grueling climb. Once back up on the bench most of the climbs are done and the way back to the turnaround point only has one moderate climb. After the last climb, riders bombed it back to the start or finish depending on whether you are doing the 50k or 25k. 25k’ers were elated, 50kers needed to buckle up and start all over again.

Antelope Island MTB Race
#55 Brent Pontius. Photo Credit Aktiva Sports Photography

The pro riders made the course look easy with first laps in just over 1 hour and completing both laps in just over 2 hours. Jake Mathewson won the men’s overall with a time of 2:11:1. Brent Pontius pushed Jake the whole race and was only 24 seconds behind. Meghan Sheridan blazed over the 2 laps in 2:38:18 and took first place in the women's overall with Kelly Crawford finishing 2nd in 2:45:38.

-By Wynn Hall
For future information on next year’s event:

Antelope Island MTB Race, Antelope Island, UT, April 18. 2015

1. Brady Ulrich, Sport Men 19-34, 35:54.7
2. Kaison Achter, High School Men, 40:26.5
3. Hayden Harsh, High School Men, 40:43.8
4. Greg Romrell, Sport Men 19-34, 40:59.4
5. Mason Jones, High School Men, 44:04.5
6. Blaire Butler, Sport Women, 44:31.2
7. Brooke Ulrich, Sport Women, 46:38.6
8. Scott Watson, Sport Men 50+, 57:25.6

1. Kade Brasher High School Men, 1:19:12
2. Corey Spencer Expert Men 35-49, 1:21:10
3. Deanna Byck Expert Women, 1:25:31
4. Dylan Willick High School Men, 1:26:24
5. Jeanete Peterson Expert Women, 1:29:49
6. Tyler Rippy Expert Men 19-34, 1:30:55
7. Shane Evertsen Expert Men 35-49, 1:31:29
8. Brian Tecklenburg Expert Men 19-34, 1:37:43
9. Todd Laker Expert Men 35-49, 1:40:59
10. Bryan Sacre Expert Men 19-34, 1:41:19
11. Jackson Bick High School Men, 1:43:09
12. Denny Tynan Men 60+, 1:43:28
13. Steve Dalton Expert Men 35-49, 1:43:44
14. Don Woodford Expert Men 19-34, 1:45:22
15. Rick Newton Clydesdales, 2:24:03

1. Jake Mathewson Pro Men, 2:11:01
2. Brent Pontius Pro Men, 2:11:25
3. Zach Calton Pro Men, 2:15:38
4. Aaron Phillips Pro Men, 2:17:13
5. Rick Wetherald Pro Men, 2:20:10
6. Charles Jenkins Pro Men, 2:20:55
7. Zan Treasure Expert Men 50+, 2:24:31
8. Rob Brasher Expert Men 35-49, 2:27:03
9. John Gill Expert Men 35-49, 2:28:27
10. Trevor Simper Expert Men 35-49, 2:30:03
11. Jason Sparks Expert Men 35-49, 2:30:05
12. Brandon Cross Expert Men 19-34, 2:35:14
13. Paul LaStayo Expert Men 50+, 2:36:36
14. Darren Tomlinson Expert Men 50+, 2:38:03
15. Meghan Sheridan Pro Women, 2:38:18
16. Miguel Payan Expert Men 50+, 2:40:24
17. Todd Winner Expert Men 35-49, 2:44:07
18. Nick Markosian Expert Men 35-49, 2:44:15
19. Kelly Crawford Expert Women, 2:45:38
20. Tom Gosselin Expert Men 19-34, 2:48:11
21. Mark Fisher Single Speed, 2:50:01
22. Thomas Colton Expert Men 50+, 2:50:43
23. Dustin Lewis Expert Men 19-34, 2:51:13
24. Frank Biggs Expert Men 35-49, 2:51:51
25. Jennifer Tribe Pro Women, 2:53:21
26. Michael Twohig Expert Men 35-49, 2:53:43
27. Todd Taft Expert Men 50+, 2:54:30
28. Ryan Merkley Expert Men 35-49, 2:55:29
29. Ken Duncan Expert Men 35-49, 2:58:25
30. Amber Mounday Expert Women, 2:58:29
31. George Perfall Expert Men 19-34, 3:00:23
32. Shaun Mathewson Expert Men 35-49, 3:00:24
33. Ron Peterson Expert Men 50+, 3:02:31
34. George Quarles Expert Men 50+, 3:03:42
35. Jeanete Peterson Expert Women, 3:05:46
36. Zach Hope Expert Men 19-34, 3:06:26
37. Mike Billings Expert Men 19-34, 3:08:49
38. Laura Howat Expert Women, 3:12:15
39. Michael Adams Expert Men 50+, 3:12:24
40. Grant Stevens Expert Men 35-49, 3:15:09
41. Terry Williams Expert Men 50+, 3:17:21
42. Mark Hooyer Clydesdales, 3:18:33
43. Joe Benson Men 60+, 3:22:10
44. Aldo Oreggia Expert Men 35-49, 3:27:12
45. Ron Zagorski Expert Men 50+, 3:36:54
46. John Hernandez Men 60+, 3:42:15
47. Mike Ellsworth Expert Men 19-34, 3:43:34
48. Robert Aguero Expert Men 35-49, 3:45:40


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