Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series Returns to Utah in 2015


2015 Series Overview and Race 1 Results

Racing Frosty the Fat Bike Race Series in Utah. Photo courtesy Mad Dog Cycles.
Racing Frosty the Fat Bike Race Series in Utah. Photo courtesy Mad Dog Cycles.

January 15, 2015 – Frosty’s Fat Bike Race Series will hold six races this year in Northern Utah. The series will take place in January and February and will include the following events:

Race 1: January 3, 2015 – Nordic Valley

Race 2: January 15, 2015 – Sundance (will be held in the evening)

Race 3: January 31, 2015 – Deer Creek

Race 4: February 7, 2015 – Powder Mountain

Race 5: February 18 (evening, location TBA)

Race 6: February 28 – location TBA

The race is open to all types of bikes. Bikes with narrow tires of less than 2.75″ wide will be given a time handicap. Race distances will be in the following ranges: Expert 9-12 miles, Sport 6-9 miles, Beginner 3-6 miles.

“With the 1st season behind us we’re looking to help take these events to the next level with new venue’s, sponsors and points system.  This series is the 1st of its type in Utah and is changing the meaning of the traditional cycling ‘off season’,” said Randy Gibb of Mad Dog Cycles.

The first race was held at Nordic Valley on January 3, 2015 and was won by local fast guy Geoffrey Montague.

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Frosty the Fat Bike Series 2015 Race 1, Nordic Valley, Utah, January 3, 2015: Results: 

Final PositionBib NumberLast NameFirst NameGroupTotal Elapsed Time
115MontagueGeoffreyAbominable A0:46:11.6
210WolfeHowlinAbominable A0:46:59.8
34StuartChrisAbominable A0:47:37.1
440SagerJasonAbominable A0:48:51.4
527WoodwardWestonAbominable A0:48:56.4
66HendricksonJasonAbominable A0:49:52.0
728WetheraldRickAbominable A0:50:39.6
835WasmundSteveAbominable A0:50:49.9
922ApostleTysonAbominable A0:51:49.3
1042JarvieJeffAbominable A0:52:21.0
1125NelsonMarkAbominable A0:56:58.3
129BaileyCarterAbominable A0:57:06.7
1332MortensenJoshAbominable A0:59:12.1
1420ThompsonRyanAbominable A1:02:16.7
1524ApostleJoseyAbominable A1:03:14.8
1626KaufmannSarahAbominable A1:04:11.4
1731MortensenDebieAbominable A1:04:39.0
121PayanMikeBigfoot B0:42:05.3
238HarveyJamieBigfoot B0:42:20.0
38BaileyScottBigfoot B0:43:27.1
439WeaverStevenBigfoot B0:43:40.6
533BinghamBrynBigfoot B0:45:03.3
636ChristensenHarrisonBigfoot B0:45:54.9
75NewsonDickBigfoot B0:46:46.3
812LewisJohnBigfoot B0:47:31.8
97McCormickDennisBigfoot B0:47:53.6
1034NielsenBraydenBigfoot B0:49:39.5
1117EgglestonJeffBigfoot B0:49:41.4
122GibbMasonBigfoot B0:49:45.0
1341CrouchRionBigfoot B0:49:53.9
1430SilvaLeoBigfoot B0:50:05.9
1523ApostleKipBigfoot B0:51:17.7
163HatfieldAmberBigfoot B1:00:37.3
1714BaumanEricBigfoot B1:10:12.8
118GibbonsKennethChilly C0:31:16.2
216ScaddenDakotaChilly C0:35:43.1
329HabelJessicaChilly C0:36:42.9
411MartinPeterChilly C0:37:35.8
513MillerBradleyChilly C0:39:05.6
637MartinKaraChilly C0:40:23.9
71GibbEmilyChilly C0:50:58.3


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