Sofia Gomez Villafane and Ivar Slik Power Through Mud and Rain to Win 200-Mile UNBOUND Gravel


Boaz and Overson win the 100-mile gravel races while Frazier and Harrison take the 350-mile XL titles.

EMPORIA, Kansas (June 5, 2022) — With 4,000 riders across all distances, Life Time’s (NYSE: LTH) Garmin UNBOUND Gravel presented by Craft Sportswear returned to Emporia, Kansas this weekend as riders took on the relentless Flint Hill gravel. Cyclists ranging in age from 10 to 89 representing all 50 states and 44 countries took on the Junior, 25-mile, 50-mile, 100-mile, 200-mile and 350-mile XL distances on a new, southbound course.

“This was a fantastic weekend of racing, riding and camaraderie” said Kimo Seymour, President of Media and Events at Life Time. “After a start with some amazing weather, the rain and mud provided epic conditions. Feedback from athletes has been overwhelmingly positive. From the intensely competitive pro race at the front, to the masses of amateurs, the Life Time team is so pleased to hear all the amazing memories that were created at this year’s Garmin UNBOUND Gravel.”

Ivar Slik leading out the sprint against Keegan Swenson and Ian Boswell in the Men's 200-mile race. Photo courtesy Life Time

“When I came over [to the United States] UNBOUND was my big goal for this year. It’s a long race–200 miles–and so much can happen. You need a little bit of luck, but I was in top shape and did everything to be in the best condition,” said Slik, the 2022 Garmin UNBOUND Gravel 200-mile champion. “It’s super to finish it off in a sprint with five, just amazing, and I’m happy to win the biggest gravel event in the world.”

Sofia Gomez Villafane takes the win in the Women's 200-mile event. Photo courtesy Life Time

200-Mile Distance Women’s Division

1st: Sofia Gomez Villafane*, 28, of Heber City, Utah with a time of 10:27:41
2nd: Lauren De Crescenzo, 31, of Atlanta, Ga. with a time of 10:36:47
3rd: Emily Newsom*, 38, of Fort Worth, Tex. with a time of 10:49:44
4th: Whitney Allison, 34, of Fort Collins, Colo. with a time of 10:57:24
5th: Melisa Rollins*, 26, of Salt Lake City, Utah with a time of 11:01:46

Ivar Slik takes the win in the 200-mile event. Photo courtesy of Life Time

200-Mile Distance Men’s Division

1st: Ivar Slik, 29, of Dulvendrecht, Netherlands with a time of 9:22:04
2nd: Keegan Swenson*, 28, of Heber City, Utah with a time of 9:22:05
3rd: Ian Boswell, 31, of Barnet, VT with a time of 9:22:05
4th: Laurens ten Dam*, 41, of Oudorp, Netherlands with a time of 9:22:12
5th: Alexey Vermeulen*, 27, of Boulder, Colo. with a time of 9:22:27

“I’m glad [the rain] made the race hard. I do better at races of attrition and so I was thinking that this is going to play to my advantage,” said Boaz, the 2022 Garmin UNBOUND Gravel 100-mile champion. “There were so many cool parts, so many cool people I met, but I think my favorite part was going under the bridge and coming up by Emporia State University. I looked back and realized nobody was there and that was a really happy moment.”

100-Mile Distance Women’s Division

1st: Marisa Boaz, 35, of Waukee, Iowa with a time of 5:23:16
2nd: Marjie Bemis, 21, Corona, Calif. with a time of 5:26:59
3rd: Jessica Cerra, 40, Encinitas, Calif. with a time of 5:26:59
4th: Karen Jarchow, 37, Eagle Colo. with a time of 5:39:21
5th: Grace Williams, 22, Bloomington, Ind. with a time of 5:44:16

100-Mile Distance Men’s Division

1st: Ethan Overson, 21, of Longmont, Colo. with a time of 5:01:01
2nd: Canyon Emmott, 27, of Midway, Utah with a time of 5:05:48
3rd: Ben Delaney, 46, of Boulder, Colo. with a time of 5:09:37
4th: Donoven Fracis, 19, of Dallas, Texas with a time of 5:09:38
5th: Kenn Pike, 35, of Sioux Falls, SD with a time of 5:09:39

350-Mile (XL) Distance Women’s Division

1st: Cynthia Frazier, 29, of Lexington, Va. with a time of 22:25:18
2nd: Scotti Lechuga, 39, of Springdale, Ark. with a time of 23:24:40
3rd: Andrea Dvorac, 41, of Longmont, Colo. with a time of 25:36:37
4th: Betsy Welch, 41, of Boulder, Colo. with a time of 26:29:35
5th: Tina Hart, 35, of Boulder, Colo. with a time of 26:34:36

350-Mile (XL) Distance Men’s Division

1st: William Harrison, 34, of Charlotte, N.C. with a time of 20:17:29
2nd: Marius Karteusch, 33, of Plettenberg, Germany with a time of 20:22:28
3rd: Ernie Lechuga, 46, of Springdale, Ark. with a time of 20:35:08
4th: Chris Mehlman, 22, of Manchester, Mass. with a time of 20:36:08
5th: Mat Stephens, 39, of Dallas, Tex. with at time of 21:12:11


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