World Human Powered Speed Challenge – Sept 8-14, 2019


The 20th annual World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC) Sept 8-14, 2019 will be held on SR305 south of Battle Mountain, Nevada.

One of the bikes from the World Human Powered Speed Challenge. Photo courtesy: Lander County Convention & Tourism Authority
One of the bikes from the World Human Powered Speed Challenge. Photo courtesy: Lander County Convention & Tourism Authority

The world’s fastest humans from around the world including the US, France, Russia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Australia and England which include many Collegiate teams and their pedal powered vehicles, will attempt to break the current land speed record of 89.59 mph set by Todd Reichert of team Aerovelo, of Toronto, Canada in 2016 the women's record set by Barbara Bautois from Draveil, France in 2010 of 75.69 mph, and Multi-track set by Gareth Hanks from Berwick Australia at 73.95 in 2016

Highway SR 305 just south of town possesses the unique traits necessary for these highly engineered bicycles to achieve top speeds. The 4,619ft (1,408m) altitude road allows riders an acceleration zone of over 5 miles, enabling them to reach their maximum velocity before being timed over a 200 meter distance. The section of the road used for this event was paved in 2009, with a smooth surface specially prepared for human powered cycle racing by Frehner Construction and the Nevada Department of Transportation using a Nevada Department of Tourism Grant from the US government.

As per the rules of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA), the world record keeping and sanctioning body for this sport, the maximum grade allowed cannot exceed 2/3 of one percent over the entire course, in homage to the first record attempts held in the early 70’s on the Irwindale Speedway. The high altitude and arrow straight section of pavement has drawn athletes worldwide to test their speedbike designs and sprinting abilities since 2000.

The longstanding partnership between Lander County Convention & Tourism Authority and the IHPVA has motivated both to create an independent permanent facility in Battle Mountain specially created for human power events, record attempts as other like minded endeavors. The IHPVA and Lander County are currently seeking partnerships to make this dream facility into reality.

Spectators are welcome to this free event each morning from 7:00-10:00 and each evening from 6:00-7:00. The commuter bus leaves the Battle Mountain Civic Center each day at 4:30 and returns at 7:30. Grandstands are located at the timing traps for maximum speed thrills or for those curious about the riders and vehicles you can wait in the “catch” area to see the racers assisted from their fully enclosed speedbikes. Spectators are encouraged to ride the bus but parking is now available at the grandstands

The Civic Center will also host a show and shine on Tuesday, Sept 10 from 12:00 – 2:00 for those who would like to see the bikes and meet the riders. Event T-shirts, hats and posters will be on sale.

Drag races will be held in town Friday morning at 12:00 near the High School. All are welcome to test their mettle against the world's fastest.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend what could be world record setting history!

The WHPSC is open to all riders. All vehicles and riders must safety inspection and reach a minimum speed during morning qualifications. Entries may be limited due to road-closure time constraints.

Event Coordinators / Race Directors: Al and Alice Krause: Email [email protected] or (707) 443-8261 (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM PST)

All records set are sanctioned by the IHPVA. For more information go to:, and and

Event Details:

September 8-14 — World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC), Battle Mountain, NV, 20th annual hosted by the IHPVA. Current record is 89.59 mph. Classes: Men's, Women's, Juniors in Open, Multi-track, tandem and Arm Power. International cyclists from around the world will gather on SR305, the fastest stretch of road in the world to see who can break the World Record., Al or Alice Krause, 707-443-8261, 707-845-3683, [email protected],,

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