Outerbike Announces Bike Finder Web App and 2021 Event Dates


MOAB, Utah (November 12, 2020) — Outerbike, the premier three-day experiential consumer event dedicated to helping mountain bikers find their perfect bike, today launches an exciting new website feature that will help riders determine which bikes best meet their needs, during a time when it’s difficult to do so in person. This bike finder quiz called “Your Friend in the Bike Business” serves as an interactive guide leading consumers to the bike category that’s best for them.

Photo courtesy Outerbike
Photo courtesy Outerbike

“About 10 years ago we started Outerbike to help every cyclist find their perfect bike. Outerbike brings bike manufacturers and their demo fleets to amazing trail locations where riders can test bikes on real trails,” said Ashley Korenblat, co-founder of Outerbike. “With the huge influx of new cyclists to our community, we want to make them feel welcome. We want to demystify choosing a bike and be their friend in the bike business. The bike finder is designed to help both new and experienced cyclists find the right category and begin their purchasing journey.”

In order to support the increase in new cyclists (according to NPD Group via Bicycle Retailer, bike sales saw a 63% growth year-over-year in June), the Outerbike bike finder aims to welcome newcomers into the sport in a neutral, helpful and purely educational way. This tool will help people hone in on their bike match by asking a series of targeted questions regarding their needs, hopes and riding plans. From there, the quiz will lead them to a group of bikes from Outerbike exhibitors that are the best match based on the rider’s answers and send them directly to the manufacturer’s website to learn more, ask additional questions and make a purchase.

“Amidst the pandemic, we’ve seen an influx of new riders entering the bike community and we’re so excited for the opportunity to help them along their journey to purchasing a bike, which we know is a huge deal and investment,” said Mark Sevenoff, co-founder of Outerbike. “‘Your Friend in the Bike Business’ was designed to do just that — be an approachable and unbiased resource for new and seasoned riders alike. We are working to educate riders in a quick and easy way through the quiz, so they can get out there, on the bike that’s right for them. After all, each bike model is designed with a certain rider in mind and this online tool works to bridge that gap and make those connections.”

“This is a great tool for people looking to buy a new bike. There are so many excellent choices available — it’s hard to find a bad bike at this point — but we, the bike industry, tend to make it harder than it needs to be,” said Joe Parkin of Boneshaker Cycles in Buena Vista, CO. “I see it in the shop all the time; people come in and they are the victims of information overload. When we ask them who they are as a rider, where they ride, and what their riding goals are, we are able to point them in a general category direction. I like to tell them that, once they find that category, they’re free to pick the bike they like the looks of — maybe from a company whose ethos they like. I see them relax and smile, and the bike-buying process becomes fun again. This tool from Outerbike does exactly that.”

‘Your Friend in the Bike Business’ will connect consumers of all abilities and experience levels to bikes brands like Yeti, Ibis, Canyon, Specialized, Pivot, Rocky Mountain, Alchemy, Fezzari, Esker and more.

“Bike shopping can be overwhelming, but ‘Your Friend in the Bike Business’ is a great starting place to find your first or your next bike,” said Brian Curran of Outspokin’ Cycles in Columbia, SC. 

The Outerbike team is also excited to officially announce its 2021 in-person event dates starting in the third quarter of next year. Below are the 2021 Outerbike event dates and locations:

  • Killington, July 23 – 25
  • Crested Butte, August 13 – 15
  • Duluth, August 27 – 29
  • South Lake Tahoe, September 17 – 19
  • Moab, October 1 – 3
  • Bentonville, October 22 – 24

Mark your calendars, keep wearing your masks, and we look forward to riding with you next year! For more information and to try out the Your Friend in the Bike Business bike finder, please visit https://www.outerbike.com/your-friend-in-the-bike-business.

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