Triathlon Cycling Tip of the Month: Brick Workouts


By Lora Erickson — If you are new to triathlons I highly suggest doing brick workouts. This is when you run immediately after cycling. There are many reasons to do them; Not only do they provide variety in training but they also help with neuromuscular adaptation so the transition between the two activities becomes smoother and easier and can improve performance. As a long-time triathlon coach I recommend 2-3 brick workouts a month and more as you approach key races. Here’s one of my favorite short brick workouts:

• 15-20 min warm-up on the bike

• 3 x 8 min strong efforts with 4 minutes rest

• 15 min. steady effort then right into a 15-20 min steady effort run.

I try to hold the same higher cadence for both disciplines.

Happy Training!

Lora Erickson is certified coach and All-World athlete placing top 5% in the world in her division. She has a passion for health promotion. To learn more visit

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