Annual Italian Vintage Ride Returns to Salt Lake City on September 16, 2023


The third Annual Italian SLC Vintage Ride takes place on September 16, 2023, to kick-off the annual Festa Italiana held at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. The Festa Italiana hosts thousands of guests each year with amazing music, food, art, motorcycles, and cars on display.

Riders gathered at the Gateway before the 2022 SLC Vintage Ride. Photo courtesy Giuliana Marple.

Two-time participant Anthony Nocella interviewed ride organizers Giuliana Marple, Kastle Christensen, Eric Figliomeni, and Chris Hubbard about this year’s event.

Anthony Nocella (right, with Colnago) and another rider showing off their vintage Italian bikes. Photo courtesy Giuliana Marple.

Anthony Nocella: Why was the Annual Italian Salt Lake City Vintage Ride created?

SLC Vintage Ride: The ride was created to honor the bygone era of cycling in Italy, with races starting back in 1876. Similar to the L’Eroica bike ride in Tuscany, the SLC Vintage Ride celebrates bicycles and clothing used until the 1980s and is a great way to kick off the Festa Italiana activities.

Anthony Nocella: How long is the ride and is it a hard ride?

SLC Vintage Ride: The ride is about three miles long. It starts and ends at the Gateway Center, so the course is also flat, making it an easy ride even for children. It’s a fun and casual ride with locals and a great way to kick off the Festa Italiana weekend.

Steve Wasmund poses with his Rivendell Rambouillet. Photo courtesy Giuliana Marple.

Anthony Nocella: Do you need a vintage bike to ride this or any other special equipment?

SLC Vintage Ride: No, the best bike is the bike you have! There are prizes for the best vintage bikes and outfits, so if you have an older bike in the garage you might want to dust if off and ride it. Registration is open now.

Anthony Nocella: What is the most beautiful part of the ride?

SLC Vintage Ride: During the ride it’s seeing people coming together to celebrate cycling and all things Italian. At the finish line, Festa Italiana opens to give you authentic food and live music for the rest of the weekend.

Event Info: September 16 — SLC Vintage Ride p/b Festa Italiana, Salt Lake City, UT. Approximately 3-mile flat fun ride starting and finishing at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City, marking the official open of the Annual Festa Italiana. Old bikes with single-speed drivetrains, flip-flop hubs, rod derailleurs, etc. are encouraged. Wool jerseys and shorts as well as other vintage bike attire are also encouraged. Unlike cyclists from decades ago, we highly encourage helmets. Festa Italiana, [email protected],

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