Utah Stolen Bike Listings

Utah Stolen Bike Listings on the Wasatch Front (Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Orem, West Valley City, Davis County, Weber County, Utah County)

Whenever a stolen bike is reported to CyclingUtah or via BikeIndex.org, it’s information is displayed on this page and posted to the @CyclingUtah Twitter to help get the word out.

Unlocked bike
Unlocked and unattended bike waiting to be stolen.

In addition, its information is uploaded to stolen.bikeindex.org’s global clearinghouse of stolen bike information, making it available to the bike shops, pawn shops, police departments and private buyers using the BikeIndex database. By making this stolen bicycle information available, we cut down on the resale market for stolen bikes – and we recover many, many more bikes.

If you have located one of the bikes listed below, be sure to alert the owner via its BikeIndex listing – or email [email protected].

Stolen DateManufacturer NameModelOverview
2010.01.24 Novara 2002 Big Buzz

2011.06.10 Mongoose No Model Details Available

It's equipped with disk breaks. Has a Bell brand speedometer. Black petals. No rubber on the hand...

2008.09.22 Giant 2006 Rincon

Womens Bike, Blue with grey/black fork.

2012.08.17 Jamis 2009 Sputnik

All black singlespeed bike with bullhorn handlebars and clipless pedals.

2017.07.15 Kona 2017 tanuki

No Description Available

2014.07.20 Windsor No Model Details Available

It has brown handle bar tape and seat, middle shifters, and orange and blue velocity pedal straps.

2009.07.16 Motobecane 2008 Fantom CX

2 water bottle cages2 computers (one doesn't work)Rear mounts for tail-light and bike lockMount for ...

2010.09.27 Giant 2009 road-bike

2014.05.01 LeMond Racing Cycles 2002 Beunos Aires

stolen sometime between 1:00 am 4/29 and 1:44pm on 4/29.

2017.07.15 6KU Track

It's got a bright turquoise frame with all black wheels. The front wheel is missing between 5 and 8 ...

2011.08.06 Diamondback 2006 Response Comp

2016.06.12 Trek 2016 Remedy 9.9 Carbon

2016 Trek Remedy 9.9 Carbon FrameSerial Number: WTU346CT0018K27.5 / 650b Size 19.5 (Large) ...

2017.03.05 Specialized Hardrock

No Description Available

2016.07.13 Raleigh 2012 Talus 3.0

No Description Available

2016.06.11 GT Bicycles 1999 LTS-2

No Description Available

2023.09.29 Trek 2021 200 Alpha aluminum

No Description Available

2017.05.12 Masi 2009 Alare

No Description Available

2017.07.09 Novara M-1000

No Description Available

2016.10.31 Cannondale 2016 Jekyll Carbon 2

This is a custom built bike. Enve M70 wheels. Full of Purple anodized parts from Hope

2013.05.04 Specialized No Model Details Available

White and Blue Specialized roadbike. Handlebar tape is slightly coming off on the left handlebar.

2010.09.29 Raleigh Mojave 5.0

Yellow frame. Duct tape over handle bar grips.

2010.08.21 Yeti 2005 575

2005 yeti 575. color GOLD. sz LARGE. HOPE disc brakes. I just bought the bike used in june but it wa...

2015.02.27 Ridley 2012 Damocles

Had red tape and red tires with serfas computer

2023.09.28 Radio Flyer 2023 m880

Flyer M880 E-Bike with rear storage compartment and frame bag with bike lock and bungee inside. Has ...

2010.08.25 Felt 2010 Q520

Brand new Felt mountain bike. Black and white with clip for u-lock und the seat

2016.06.21 Marin Bikes 2012 Alpine Trail 29er

No Description Available

2013.03.19 Diamondback 2009 Response Sport

DiamondBack Response Sport, medium blue with white, red and black highlights. Has bike speedometer, ...

2015.11.02 Giant 1995 ATX 780

No Description Available

2016.07.18 Specialized 2013 CT SPORT DISC RAW/YEL


2016.08.26 Yt Industries 2016 Capra Al

No Description Available

2012.07.15 Cannondale 2006 prophet

cannondale mountian bike very good condition

2016.08.31 Trek 1992 T-200 Fast Track Tandem

No Description Available

2017.04.08 OPEN 2016 1.1

No Description Available

2012.06.12 SCOTT 2011 CR-1 Team

Mostly white with grey logo. standard pedals so it doesn't have clips.

2017.05.25 Giant 2017 Alight 2

No Description Available

2013.09.12 Pinarello Cross

This is a Pinarello Cylclecross bike that I built from the frame up, so it has unique features that ...

2008.07.15 Specialized 67 Roubaix

Red with black trim; white tape on handle bars; two drink holders

2011.03.11 Diamondback SORRENTO SPORT ATB

2011.07.16 SCOTT Voltage

Nice Mountainbike.

2015.10.09 Gary Fisher Wahoo

No Description Available

2015.10.10 Momentum 2015 Rocker

No Description Available

2012.09.20 Fezzari 2011 Kings Peak

2013.09.15 Magna 2010 Cliffrunner

Incident InformationLocation Where the Incident Occurred 237 S 600 E, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84102Incide...

2017.02.08 Fezzari No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2007.08.02 LeMond Racing Cycles 2005 Reno

silver w/blue Lemond name; triple chain ring

2007.06.16 Iron Horse Bicycles 2006 Maverick SE

Black with gray writing. Disk brakes. Front suspension.

2017.03.26 Cannondale 2017 CAAD9 (or 8)

No Description Available

2017.08.11 Trek 2017 56cm Crossrip 3

No Description Available

2016.08.02 Gary Fisher Advance

No Description Available

2013.08.16 Raleigh Revenio 4.0

2016.02.23 Salsa 2013 Beargrease

No Description Available

2016.12.24 Specialized 2016 Ruby Sport

No Description Available

2013.04.30 Specialized No Model Details Available

Black Crosstrail (hybrid) Specialized bike with front shocks and disc brakes.

2009.05.28 Cannondale 2005 F400

Blue Cannondale mountain bike with rack, trail-a-bike bracket on seat post, toe cages, all-terrain t...

2009.07.10 Sp 2004 Hot Rocks

2011.06.17 Trek 2009 FX 7.2

Gold/Creme Trek 7.2 FX, Front and back night lights attached. Black Lettering. 20" Frame.

2017.08.27 Cannondale Synapse 3C

No Description Available

2014.05.10 Trek No Model Details Available

Blue/silver some black and white Trek road bike with yellow handlebars. GI Garmin bike computer and ...

2013.04.28 Raleigh 2013 Eva 29 sport

Brand new 800$ bike. Big tires.

2008.07.02 Trek 2005 4300

Stolen from LaVelle Edwards Stadium during an Stadium of Fire event. The bicycle was locked to a por...

2016.09.28 Schwinn Clear Creek 18 speed Road Bike

No Description Available

2012.08.07 K2 2006 Easy Street Deuce

Grey Mens Large K2 Bike with Gel Seat, Water Bottle Holder, Slime Tubes

2011.08.17 Cannondale 2009 rize 4

White cannondale rize. when stolen, didnt have a chain.

2008.08.17 K2 2002 Bumpy Monkey

Has silver Easton handlebars.

2007.11.13 SCOTT 2006 Contessa

White and green mountain bike. 21 speed hard tail. Front schocks (I think Rox Shox) clip in pedals. ...

2012.09.24 Giant 2008 Transcend DX

2007.10.25 Gary Fisher 2003 Tyro

New-looking red and yellow mountain bike with front suspension

2013.02.22 Cannondale 2009 9FS8M

2016.05.31 Rocky Mountain Bicycles 2006 Slayer

ITs mostly grey, full suspension, it has the canadian leaf on it and says made in Canada.

2005.06.30 Trek 820

beand new stolen from wal-mart 1300 south 300 west stolen from bike rack about 830 pm

2010.05.28 Specialized 2010 2008 Roubaix

2015.08.27 Fuji No Model Details Available

Just bought it from Salt Lake Bike collective in july. Wish I would of had the money to buy a good l...

2012.06.04 SCOTT Sawtooth

Teal frame. White gear cables. Left shift lever is broken. Has a light on he back of the seat and on...

2009.10.08 Trek 1996 5200

Gray w purple lettering, ironman stickers, wheels out of true, Terry womans saddle, circular compute...

2015.08.21 Kona 2009 Caldera

No Description Available

2009.10.08 Diamondback 2009 Overdrive

Silver 18" wheels

2013.05.21 Mongoose 2013 impasse

It was stolen from my apartment patio

2009.09.27 Koga-Miyata 1996 World traveller / mountain bike

The bike is a black Koga Miyata mountainbike geared for long distance, cross continental travel. Thi...

2012.07.19 Specialized 2006 Dolce Elite

It's a blue bike with white handle bars, two bottle carriers, odemeter, two packs (1 behind seat, th...

2017.07.31 Raleigh 2008 Sport

No Description Available

2010.09.08 Specialized 2007 Rockhopper Pro

2013.08.29 Focus No Model Details Available

Some rust spots. The seat pole was stuck on and the seat removed. Brand new tires.

2008.09.01 Cannondale No Model Details Available

Womens bike medium frame. Stolen behind little world on 1300 S State street. Has a soft seat and a m...

2016.06.20 Surly 2007 Long Haul Trucker

No Description Available

2017.07.05 Pivot 2017 429c SL

No Description Available

2011.08.25 Jamis 2010 Ventura Elite

It is a 2010 Jamis Ventura Elite. Color is Victory Red/Pearl White. The frame size is 61cm. The r...

2009.07.26 Novara 2009 Piedra

Bike was brand new

2023.09.22 Diamondback 2017 Trace

Black diamondback trace with new graveling tires, silver design on frame

2023.09.24 Cannondale 2016 Synapse

Road bike with rainbow handlebar tape, a black bell, a black rear rack. RAGBRAI bands on the top tub...

2017.02.05 SCOTT 2009 Additc R3

No Description Available

2017.08.31 SCOTT Genius

No Description Available

2009.10.29 Raleigh 2009 Mojave 4.0

Locked my bike on a bike rack outside of the Deseret Industries on 200 East and 700 South. I left fo...

2009.09.20 Diamondback 2008 response spt

2016.08.10 Novara 2016 duster

No Description Available

2005.06.01 Cannondale 2003 Jekyll 800

Lefty front shockHydralic brakes with braided stainless hosesSilvery Sigma cyclocomputerBlack plasti...

2014.11.08 Giant 2013 Trek 4

No Description Available

2014.01.30 Raleigh 2013 Talus 29

This is a Gray with black and blue accents it is a 29er and has disc brakes on the front and back of...

2017.07.20 Specialized 2016 Rockhopper

No Description Available

2017.08.20 Diamondback 1994 Response Elite

No Description Available

2016.01.15 Surly 2009 Cross Check

No Description Available

2017.03.08 Revolution Country Traveller

No Description Available

2013.04.15 Specialized 2011 rock hopper

The bike is a gray black Rockhopper It has a bag rack on the back with back bags and a fender on the...

2008.09.30 SCOTT 2005 Sportster P4

I have a receipt of sale for this bike which includes the serial number. I also have owners manuals...

2015.11.09 Trek 2015 7.2 FX

No Description Available

2008.10.01 Cannondale 2007 Synapse

Triple crank56cmBlack105 FrontUltegra Rear

2008.06.03 Redline 2002 romp

blue grips, crack in handlebars, redline sticker down the middle, dc sticker on front of frame, one ...

2016.10.05 Vassago 2016 Jabberwocky

No Description Available

2008.04.15 Schwinn S-30

full suspension schwinn s-30 with schwinn headlight and lighted valve stem covers and double index s...

2005.01.01 Maxam 1996 vo2max

2014.05.06 Intense No Model Details Available

kevin a*****,lane c************,and jennifer l**** stole the bike from my truck. any info on their w...

2010.01.10 3rensho 80 Super Export

3Rensho purple road bike. 80's vintage Super Export Model.

2010.09.16 Schwinn 1970 Cruiser Women\'s

I want my bike back 🙁

2016.06.02 Schwinn 2015 Network 2.0

No Description Available

2023.09.23 Ride1Up 2021 500 Series

Gray Ride1Up 500 E-Bike with brown seat and handlebars

2023.09.22 Specialized 2023 Roubaix

Maroon Roubaix size 52 with Heinz water bottle, silver water bottle cage, black saddle bag

2023.09.23 Trek 2017 X Caliber 7

No Description Available

2009.06.25 Centurion 1987 Mixte

Red Centurion, mixte (step through) frame with mtching red fork; drop bars with cork, black handle b...

2008.09.10 Bianchi 2006 Brava

Black tape on handle bars, tear on left side. Scratch in paint on right side of stem. White bottle c...

2009.07.10 U Of U U Step-through frame

This is a University of Utah Ubike. A distinctive It has a number on the top tube, 4, as well as a ...

2016.07.18 Specialized 2016 Allez Sprint X1

No Description Available

2008.08.06 Felt 2005 Z series

Very rare Lime Green Felt road racing bike with Shimano ultegra components, Black mavick Rims, and a...

2008.02.19 Trek 1992 5200

2011.03.27 Giant No Model Details Available

black giant road bike with pink and white accents. medium sized frame.

2016.10.03 Specialized 2015 Stumpjumper fsr evo

No Description Available

2016.10.03 Santa Cruz 2011 Juliana

No Description Available

2011.06.23 Fuji 2010 4.0 (Hybrid)

New (this year)black Fuji 4.0 hybrid bike, skinny tires, 28 speed, had downhill-mtb-style platform p...

2012.06.11 Trek Allant

cream white trek allant stolen from my apartment's underground parking garage bike rack. It has a fr...

2008.01.01 Specialized No Model Details Available

Specialized black womens Mountain bike, with brand new slick tires. It was stolen from my house in G...

2009.08.26 Specialized 2006 FSR XC Comp

Industral part on 4000west and 1820south alot of business buildings

2008.12.11 Trek 1998 6000

Red/maroon 1998 Trek 6000, xtr shifters, bought at Guthrie bikes and guthrie sticker was still on fr...

2006.10.31 Giant 2005 Rincon

2008.07.03 Santa Cruz 2000 Superlite

Blue main frame, polished chrome rear triangle, silver Cris king headset, Salsa seat post binder, re...

2010.09.05 Trek 1999 2300

Yellow flake Trek 2300 with aero bars. Mount for computer (bit I have the computer). Carry case unde...

2009.09.30 LeMond Racing Cycles 2005 Road cycle

LeMond series road bike, it has Greg LeMond's signature on the downtube

2010.09.08 Rocky Mountain Bicycles 2006 ETSX-10

2016.05.19 GT Bicycles 1995 Timberline

No Description Available

2005.11.01 Giant 2002 Warp Ds-1

red clipless pedals, front tire has a red colored sidewall, sram and shimano components, 27 speed,

2008.10.30 Specialized 2007 HARD ROCK XC

SPECIALIZED HARD ROCK XC - Black w Silver lettering Smaller frame - size for 12 yr old boy - with ...

2008.02.19 Trek 1995 Y22

2009.10.23 Specialized 2007 FSR XC Comp

Has Bulletproof pedals instead of the stock. A wireless cyclometer that is attached to the front fo...

2014.02.19 Trek 2008 WSD 2.0

No Description Available

2010.10.15 Salsa 2010 Vaya

The bike, along with my other bike, wer locked around a post next to the Trails nightclub. Upon goin...

2017.06.19 Haro 2004 V2

No Description Available

2007.09.07 Giant 2005 OCR Composite 2

carbon fiber road bike. triple chain ring, 9 gears

2013.11.02 Specialized 2013 Tricross Elite Disc

Black Specialized Tricross with one red stripe around drop tube, disc brakes, rear bike rack, head l...

2016.11.10 Northrock XC6 No Model Details Available

No Description Available

Not Available No Manufacturer Available No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2013.11.29 Santa Cruz 2011 Heckler

2006.05.12 Unknown No Model Details Available

2007.09.28 Trek 1999 5200

Silver with Dura ace wheelset and Asplide Glamour saddle. Red handle bar tape.

2009.04.07 Diamondback 2007 Sorrento

Looks brand new. Has a luggage rack with yellow straps over the rear tire.

2012.05.23 Trek 2010 FX 7.1

The seat has a rip in it. It had a odometer meter wire, two light fixtures and a simple bell. The f...

2016.05.11 Evil 2016 Following

No Description Available

2008.09.01 DMR Bikes trailstar

nice hardtail mountain bike. red decals, disc brakes.

2013.07.05 Specialized 2010 Safire expert 10

2023.09.21 Trek 2019 Verve 2

No Description Available

2015.06.27 Specialized 2012 Crux

Custom built 2012 Crux with disc brakes, avid bb7 brakes, sram force drive drain with x-0 rear derai...

2023.09.20 Schwinn Mesa

No Description Available

2006.09.09 Balance 97 AL750

16"frame, 26" wheels, black handlebars, full xt componets except for lx crankset. Fenders on front ...

2008.07.10 Giant 2005 orc

turquiose blue with cat eye computer shamino shoe clips up graded seat

2008.04.30 Gary Fisher X-Caliber

Yellow Gary Fisher with disk brakes.

2010.08.03 Fuji No Model Details Available

White 18 speed Fuji with Ovaltec front gears.Green lock cable with master lock. I know thecombinatio...

2017.08.18 Bike Peddler 2016 Expedition

No Description Available

2011.06.04 Fezzari 2010 Cascade Peak

2009.01.10 Specialized 2008 Hard Rock Comp

Specialized hard tail, orange and black, scratches on the top tube, some paint damage on the bottom ...

2008.06.10 Cannondale 2007 Road Warrior

Blue Cannondale Road Warrior stolen at the University of Utah on or around June 10, 2008. The lock ...

2023.09.20 Butchers and Bicycles electric cargo bike No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.09.15 Trek 2022 Marlin

Black bike with pink break cables

2023.09.19 Kona 2019 Process 153

No Description Available

2020.09.26 Miyata 1992 Seven 21

Small frame green miyata road bike. Had black and yellow grip tape, yellow water bottle cage, and bl...

2023.09.18 Trek 2018 Fuel ex 8

2018 trek fuel ex 8. 27.5 plus tires. Gold sram chain on gx eagle drivetrain Yellow and black mucky...

2023.09.18 Fezzari 2021 Abajo Peak

No Description Available

2023.09.17 Pivot 2015 Mach 429 Trail

Custom build, Race Face NEXT seat Post and handlebars, Carbon 27.5+ Wheels with I9 Hubs. Fox Talus ...

2023.09.14 Specialized 2020 S-Works Stumpjumper

An S-works stump jumper frameset in the Gloss Aqua / Blue Ghost Pearl / Rocket Red color way. Racefa...

2023.09.15 Trek 2021 4

No Description Available

2023.09.15 Other 1990 Banana seat

No Description Available

2023.09.12 Custom No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.09.11 Rad Power Bikes 2021 Rad Rover Electric Fat bike version 5

Black electric fat bike

2023.09.05 Specialized 2015 Pitch 650b

No Description Available

2023.09.08 Specialized 2017 JYNX comp 650B

Silver with turquoise and red accents (says “Specialized” in turquoise letters on the side.

2023.09.10 Rad Power Bikes 2022 Rad Expand

Black RadExpand bike with stickers on the stem. stickers: gnome on a mushroom, disco ball, a sticker...

2023.09.10 Trek 2011 Skye S

WSD Alpha White Aluminum w/semi-integrated head tube, bi-oval down tube w/integrated gusset, rack & ...

2023.09.07 Rad Power Bikes 2021 Rad Rover

No Description Available

2023.08.29 Specialized 2022 KENEVO EXPERT 6FATTIE

e-bike with dual crown forks and lightning bolt decal on back of seat tube

2023.08.29 Specialized 2020 Levo Comp

Red “stealie” headset cap and Trailhouse “stealie” sticker on back of seat tube.

2023.09.06 Rocky Mountain Bicycles 2021 Instinct c30

No Description Available

2023.09.06 Trek 2020 Top fuel 5

No Description Available

2023.09.06 Electric Bike Technologies 2022 Model C

No Description Available

2023.09.06 Liv 2023 Devote

No Description Available

2023.09.02 Specialized 2012 Myka FSR Elite

M4 hydroformed women's tubesets, XC Trail geometry, sealed cartridge bearings, bolt-on cable guides,...

2023.09.05 Hunt 29+ Bikepack

No Description Available

2023.09.04 Santa Cruz 2015 Bantam

No Description Available

2023.09.01 Yeti 2021 SB165

No Description Available

2023.09.03 Rocky Mountain Bicycles 2021 Element

No Description Available

2023.09.03 Kona 2021 Process

No Description Available

2023.08.31 Cannondale 2015 26 hard tail downhill

No Description Available

2023.08.29 REI Co-op Citye2.1

No Description Available

2023.08.29 Schwinn Fastback

No Description Available

2023.08.28 Trailcraft cycles Pineridge 24

Turquoise with bright/neon pink "Trailcraft" lettering

2023.08.28 Electric Bike Company 2023 Model C

7 Gears, 2 Battery Packs, 500 W motor 2 mirrors Tan Wide seat

2023.08.25 Santa Cruz 2019 Hightower AL

No Description Available

2023.08.25 Specialized 2009 Hardrock

Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum, fully butted, formed TT, double ORE DT, externally relieved HT, rei...

2023.08.24 Norco Bikes 2016 Storm

No Description Available

2023.08.17 Velo Orange Pass Hunter

No Description Available

2023.08.16 GT Bicycles 2023 Aggressor Pro

No Description Available

2023.08.15 Ride1Up XR

No Description Available

2023.08.11 Wooken 2023 Folding

Fat tire electric bike

2023.08.13 Evil 2014 Uprising

Evil Uprising black carbon frame (pretty sure it's size Large but not 100% sure) Gold Race Face han...

2023.08.13 Marin Bikes 2019 Fairfax 3 700C L


2023.08.10 Felt 2017 F1xc

No Description Available

2023.08.12 Trek 2018 Session 8

No Description Available

2023.08.12 Specialized 2020 Stump Jumper Evo

No Description Available

2023.08.12 Specialized 2020 Epic carbon

No Description Available

2023.08.09 Head 2023 JRA 2

No Description Available

2023.08.10 Giant 2016 Anthem

No Description Available

2023.08.10 BULLS Bikes 2018 Lacuba EVO E45S

* Bulls Lacuba Step-Thru * Ebike - 36V Brose mid-drive system * Missing front fender * No front l...

2023.08.11 Giant 2017 Reign sx

No Description Available

2023.08.11 Specialized No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.08.04 Giant 2014 Liv Lust

A small frame with mostly a white, and black frame with purple and red stripes. 2014 GIANT LUST AD...

2023.08.04 Rad Power Bikes Mission

Light green single speed Rad Mission. Red sticker on handlebars thats fadding. Electronics control i...

2023.08.04 Rad Power Bikes 2022 RadWagon 4

No Description Available

2023.08.02 Velotric No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.08.03 Propella 2022 SS

No Description Available

2023.07.31 Revel Ranger

Revel small 27.5 mountain bike with orange peddles and orange handle grips. It has protective tape o...

2023.07.18 Canyon bicycles 2020 Spectral CF 7.0

Color is called Polar (Canyon calls it that)

2023.07.31 Dirwin 2022 Pioneer

battery lock F253

2023.07.31 REI Co-op 2022 DRT 1.1 Mountain Bike

REI Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1 Mountain Bike. Color is 'pirate black', looks black/gray in person. Says 'c...

2023.07.31 Dirwin 2022 pioneer

Battery Lock F077

2023.07.30 Giant 2020 Trance Advanced 2

No Description Available

2023.07.30 Diamondback 2021 Division II

No Description Available

2023.07.22 Santa Cruz 2019 Tallboy C

Brazo tire in front Mezcal tire in rear Shimano XT brakes NX groupset XX1 gold eagle chain Thom...

2023.07.28 Ibis 2020 Ripmo af

No Description Available

2023.07.24 advanced sports of ASI Corp No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.07.12 Trek 2020 920

No Description Available

2023.07.21 Trek 2019 Fuel Ex 7

Black/Sunburst, green pedalsStolen 7/21/23 in Salt Lake City

2023.07.24 Cannondale 2022 Habit 3

No Description Available

2023.07.24 Cannondale 2022 Habit3

No Description Available

2023.07.20 Surly 2014 Straggler

Surly Straggler, 100% Surly proprietary 4130 CroMoly tubing. ED Coated. TIG-welded. Double-butted ma...

2023.07.19 Kona 2022 Mahuna MD

No Description Available

2023.07.19 Gary Fisher No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.07.18 Specialized 2020 Epic 29 carbon

No Description Available

2023.07.15 Rad Power Bikes 2021 Rad City

Black with a built in rear rack as part of the frame. Direct Drive motor. LCD display.

2023.07.06 Cannondale 2006 Prophet

No Description Available

2023.07.06 Cannondale 2016 Contro 3

No Description Available

2023.07.10 Trek No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.07.10 Fuji Absolute 2.0

No Description Available

2023.07.05 Specialized 2022 Sirrus X 2.0

No Description Available

2023.07.09 Momentum 2022 Lafree E+

May have Linus brand saddle bags on the back, if thief did not remove. Missing battery, which was no...

2023.07.06 Trek 2023 Marlin

No Description Available

2023.07.04 elecony 2021 Expanse 350

It is an all-black frame with orange stripes on it. It is a hardtail mountain bike with an electric ...

2023.06.30 Trek 2017 SKYE SL

No Description Available

2023.07.02 Trek 2015 Cali

No Description Available

2023.06.26 Trek 2018 Fuel EX7

No Description Available

2023.06.29 Schwinn 2021 Standpoint

No Description Available

2023.06.30 Niner 2021 Jet 9 RDO

Black Jet 9 RDO. Custom wheels with blue and gold spokes and a logo in orange that reads "PabloHoney...

2023.06.22 Rad Power Bikes 2021 Rad Runner

No Description Available

2023.06.26 Magnum Bikes 2022 Scout

Tan colored scout with Choyang tires on it

2023.06.24 Unknown No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.06.23 Rad Power Bikes 2021 Radmission 1

My white Radmission from Rad Power Bikes was stolen from me. She had a topo bike bag mini strapped t...

2023.06.18 Santa Cruz 2017 Tallboy

No Description Available

2023.06.16 Giant No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.06.15 Specialized 2016 Rockhopper

Large mountain bike, rust on the front shocks, corroded pins. Crank case is rusted and clicking, ove...

2023.06.02 Surface604 2021 Quad

No Description Available

2023.06.05 Ibis 2019 Ripmo V1

White handle bar grips, OneUp aluminium pedals, green valve stem caps.

2023.06.07 DJ Bikes No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.05.28 Giant 2021 XTC Jr 24 Lite

Army Green Giant 24" kids mountain bike

2023.06.06 Specialized 2014 Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO

FACT 9m carbon front triangle, EVO geometry, FACT IS construction, M5 alloy rear triangle, tapered h...

2023.06.05 Specialized 2022 Rockhopper

Red rockhopper. 29” wheels. Cell phone holder on handlebars. Cup-holder style bottle cage on handl...

2023.06.04 Ecotric Beach cruiser

No Description Available

2023.06.05 Cannondale 2020 Habit 2

Maroon & salmon pink with teal accents. pnw grips, teal pedals, custom mountains fender, deity saddl...

2023.06.05 Cannondale 2020 2020 Cannondale Habit 3 Carbon

All stock Cannondale habit 3, medium. Added orange PNW grips, black raceface chester pedals. Wear an...

2023.06.02 Specialized 2009 Stumpjumper FSR Pro

Editor's note - serial entered as "m7ek21567. bI1347" but this doesn't match the SPECIALIZED serial ...

2023.04.29 BULLS Bikes Copperhead Evo AM 1.5

Bulls Copperhead Evo AM 1.5 This bike belongs to Salt Lake e Bikes. The frame size is a 41 which is...

2023.05.31 Canyon bicycles 2022 Spectral AL 6 29

No Description Available

2023.05.29 Centurion No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.05.25 Giant 2021 Trance X E+ 3 Pro

No Description Available

2023.05.24 Trek No Model Details Available

editor's note - listed with serial TBI-0406. CC2EU095 but this looks like a framespec number and not...

2023.05.25 Himiway 2021 Cruiser step thru

No Description Available

2023.05.25 Himiway 2021 Cruiser

No Description Available

2023.05.24 Orbea 2022 Occam

No Description Available

2023.05.24 Pipedream 2022 Moxie

No Description Available

2023.05.23 Magnum Bikes 2021 ranger 1.0

No Description Available

2023.05.22 Specialized 2020 Roubaix Comp

Matte black specialized roubaix comp with reflective silver "Gregg's Cycles" sticker on left side fr...

2023.05.20 Rad Power Bikes 2020 RadRunner 1

Cargo bike with integrated rear rack, mounted front rack, fat tires and fenders

2023.05.21 Giant 2020 Mountain Bike ATX

editor's note - serial originally entered as DK: WGI P7FP03181 M ES

2023.05.19 Rocky Mountain Bicycles 2015 Thunderbolt BC edition

No Description Available

2023.05.16 Cannondale 2020 Topstone

Dark blue with green sections, red platform pedals, disc brakes

2023.05.16 Felt 2023 Broam 60

Size 54 cm. Has light blue/tourquise Crankbrothers Stamp 1 pedals.

2023.05.17 Rad Power Bikes 2022 Mission

No Description Available

2023.05.16 Santa Cruz 2023 Hightower

No Description Available

2023.05.11 Diamondback 2015 Diamondback Adult Axis XE 27.5'' Mountain Bike

No Description Available

2023.05.12 Electra 2020 Electra townie go 8i

No Description Available

2023.05.13 Schwinn No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2019.09.13 Schwinn Midtown 21 Speed Hybrid

No Description Available

2023.05.13 Trek 2022 High Tower

No Description Available

2023.05.10 Specialized 2022 levo comp alloy

No Description Available

2023.05.09 Trek Remedy 8

No Description Available

2023.05.06 Klein Bikes Adept Race

No Description Available

2023.05.08 Lectric eBikes 2022 XP Step-Thru 3.0 White Long Range

No Description Available

2023.05.06 Trek 2020 Marlin 5

Mountain bike has black lettering and my Name on it Emily

2023.05.04 Schwinn 2022 Sidewinder Mountain Bike, 24-inch Wheels, 21 Speeds, Black / Teal

No Description Available

2023.05.03 Origin8 No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.05.02 Jibe Cycleworks 2023 Hardtail Black Cherry

No Description Available

2023.05.01 Shogun No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.05.01 Fuji 2015 Norcom

No Description Available

2023.04.19 Trek No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.04.27 Fezzari 2022 La Sal Elite

No Description Available

2023.04.24 Ibis 2023 Exie

No Description Available

2023.04.24 Pivot 2022 Firebird

No Description Available

2023.04.24 Northrock XC27

No Description Available

2023.04.22 Rad Power Bikes 2019 Rad Mini Step Thru

RAD Mini Step Thru 2019 Electric Bicycle that is white with orange accents, leather brown seat and h...

2023.04.22 Santa Cruz 2020 Hightower

Santa Cruz Hightower V2 (2020) XO1 (X01) build w Reserve carbon wheels. CC frame size large. XO1 Ea...

2023.04.21 Specialized 2022 Sport

No Description Available

2023.03.18 Santa Cruz 2021 Hightower A-R

No Description Available

2023.04.14 Schwinn No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.04.16 Dawes Cycles No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.04.16 Kona 2018 Rove

No Description Available

2023.04.15 Specialized 2019 Stumpjumper

No Description Available

2023.04.13 Canyon bicycles 2022 Spectral XL

No Description Available

2023.04.07 REI 2022 DRT 3.3

Blue pedals and mud guard

2023.04.06 Rad Power Bikes 2021 power plus 6

No Description Available

2023.04.10 Fezzari No Model Details Available

Big scartch mark (white) in on the main bar in front of the set post. I had a Shotgun seat attachmen...

2023.04.07 Custom 2018 Cult

No Description Available

2023.03.24 Rad Power Bikes 2022 Rad Rover 6 Plus

No Description Available

2023.03.23 Trek 2021 Emonda SL5

Silver w/black accents, 2021 Trek Emonda SL5, bought new from Hangar 15 Cyclery on 3/17/2021. Has un...

2023.03.04 Juliana Bicycles 2015 Furtado

Yellow with black and white lettering. Teal bar tape.

2023.03.04 Santa Cruz 2015 5010

No Description Available

2023.03.16 Raleigh 2021 Single Speed

No Description Available

2023.03.15 Chromag 2023 Monk

No Description Available

2023.03.12 Pivot 2023 Switchblade

No Description Available

2023.03.12 Yeti 2018 Sb5 Turq

No Description Available

2023.03.12 SCOTT 2017 Spark 710 Plus

No Description Available

2022.06.26 Santa Cruz 2022 5010

Mountain bike, full suspension, yellow and black trim

2023.03.06 Giant 2006 Anthem Advanced

No Description Available

2023.02.27 Specialized 2022 Levo S6

Red and black specalized Levo pro e bike.

2023.02.15 Cannondale 2021 Moterra

No Description Available

2021.11.06 Specialized 2020 Rockhopper

Had metal shimano clipless pedals, flat on one side, clips on the other

2023.02.08 Specialized 2016 Ruze, Comp 6 Fattie

No Description Available

2023.02.08 Specialized 2016 Vita, womens comp

No Description Available

2023.02.08 LeMond 2003 Zurich

The handlebar tape is BLACK and the bar ends don't have plugs. There is a pouch for tubes under the ...

2023.02.03 GT Bicycles 2022 Transeo triple triagular

Triple triangle design, 3.0 GT, City cross, sr slntolr next fork (multi circuit damping by specializ...

2023.02.02 Magnum Bikes No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.01.31 Fuji No Model Details Available

Beautiful black bike with red cables and water bottle cages "Actually stolen in the early morning h...

2023.01.26 Giant 2019 Talon 2 29er

No Description Available

2023.01.26 Santa Cruz 2020 Nomad

No Description Available

2023.01.19 Trek 2021 Fuel EX 9.8 XT

No Description Available

2023.01.12 Specialized No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2023.01.19 Trek 2023 FUEL EXe 9.7 SLX/XT US

FUEL EXe 9.7 SLX/XT US Color: Galactic Grey to Black Fade

2023.01.19 Trek 2021 Fuel ex 9.8

No Description Available

2023.01.14 Giant 2021 Flourish FS1

No Description Available

2023.01.09 Juliana Bicycles 2022 Joplin

Stock with composite flat pedals and a Timber bell

2022.12.31 Trek 2019 Marlin 5

No Description Available

2022.12.25 Forbidden 2022 Druid

Bike was never ridden and didn't have pedals installed.

2022.12.27 Specialized 2022 Fuse Comp 29

No Description Available

2022.12.20 Giant 2022 Trance

Metallic Black frame, dropper post, blue Deity pedals, 29 inch wheels

2022.12.20 Specialized 2020 Roubaix

No Description Available

2022.12.14 Kent 2022 Trouvalle

Light grey and black has all the original stickers and no aftermarket upgrades have been done no

2022.12.11 Specialized 2022 Stumpjumper

No Description Available

2022.12.08 GT Bicycles Mountain Bike

No Description Available

2022.12.07 Trek 2019 Marlin 5

No Description Available

2022.12.07 Giant 2014 Revolt 0

ALUXX SL-grade aluminum w/ rack mounts

2022.12.06 Giant 2014 Anthem X 29er 1

ALUXX SL-grade aluminum, 4" Maestro suspension

2022.11.25 Trek 8500

No Description Available

2022.12.01 Rad Power Bikes 2021 RadCity Step-Thru 3

Black step-through e-bike with wide basket attached to back; says “RAD POWER BIKES” in orange al...

2022.12.01 Specialized No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2022.06.30 Pace Sportswear No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2022.11.21 Trek 2020 Marlin 5

Matte Black Grey PNW Grips, Salsa cycles Seatpost clamp, scratches and chips from ulock holder on se...

2022.12.01 Specialized 2021 Levo SL

Brand new Specialized Levo SL e bike teal color frame size small

2022.11.21 Haibike 2020 SDURO HardSeven

No Description Available

2022.11.22 Pacific Cycle Scorpio sx

No Description Available

2022.11.21 Ibis 2021 Ripmo AF

No Description Available

2022.11.16 Specialized 2013 Rockhopper 29

Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum, 29er frame, fully butted w/ tapered headtube, forged dropouts, allo...

2022.11.17 Specialized 2016 Rockhopper

Provo License #: 0943038

2022.11.17 GT Bicycles 2015 Ricochet Sport

Shimano Acero Gears and Shimano BR-MT201 Disc Brakes 27.5 inch wheels

2022.11.15 Pivot 2020 Switchblade 29 Pro

Pivot full suspension XT/XTR build, totally rad

2022.11.13 ICan Cycling 2021 P9 Enduro

No Description Available

2022.11.10 Santa Cruz 2022 Bronson

No Description Available

2022.11.11 Other 2020 Mountain bike

Black fat tire, e-bike. Brand is RURUI.

2022.11.10 Fuji 2019 Sportif 1.3

No Description Available

2022.11.03 Gary Fisher Ferrous

No Description Available

2022.11.10 Pedego 2021 Trail tracker

No Description Available

2022.11.07 Raleigh 2017 Tokul 3

No Description Available

2022.11.07 Raleigh 2017 Tokul 3

No Description Available

2022.11.07 Fezzari 2019 Abajo Peak

No Description Available

2022.10.27 Haibike 2016 Yamaha SDURO Full Nine

No Description Available

2022.10.26 SCOTT 2017 Scale 900

No Description Available

2022.10.20 Specialized 2022 Rockhopper

No Description Available

2022.10.27 Giant 2018 Trance 2

It is a 2018 Giant Trance 2 size M matte grey with neon yellow and green highlights and pink grips a...

2022.10.28 Specialized 2021 S-works Epic EVO, color: Sand.

No Description Available

2022.10.28 Specialized 2018 S-works Epic Hardtail

No Description Available

2022.10.24 BULLS Bikes 2020 E-CORE EVO EN 27.5+ ebike motor vin:7216724400046

No Description Available

2022.10.22 Santa Cruz 2021 High Tower C

Bright Orange Santa Cruz Hightower C full suspension. Stolen at Whedon Farm Park Pickleball Courts. ...

2022.10.15 Giant 2016 TCR Advanced 3

Had cellphone holder on handle bars, black water cage and underseat saddle bag

2022.10.01 All City 2017 Spacehorse

No Description Available

2022.10.16 Specialized 2021 Status 160 Sage/Gunmetal

Status 160 Sage/Gunmetal

2022.10.20 Santa Cruz 2020 5010

No Description Available

2022.10.21 Marin Bikes 2017 Marin Bobcat Trail 4

No Description Available

2022.10.20 Lamere Lamere

No Description Available

2022.10.20 Cannondale 2020 Trail 6

The Bike is cannondale's 2020 trail 6 model with a nuclear yellow frame and 29" tires

2022.10.16 REI 2022 Cty 2.1

No Description Available

2022.10.16 Santa Cruz 2015 Tall Boy

No Description Available

2022.10.14 Niner Air9

No Description Available

2022.10.15 Charge 2013 Scouer

No Description Available

2022.10.13 Nishiki Olympic

No Description Available

2022.09.29 Specialized 2014 Tarmac

Black frame, White seat, black and red tire rims, under seat bike bag, two water bottle cages

2022.10.11 GT Bicycles mountain

No Description Available

2022.10.10 Trek 2017 Domane AL3

Mint green road bike black wrapped handlebars and black lettering.

2022.10.09 Genesis No Model Details Available

White Genesis road bike. White athletic tape on the handles. 28” 700x25c ultra tires.

2022.10.07 Ibis 2019 DV9

No Description Available

2022.10.07 Specialized 2015 Rumor 650B

No Description Available

2020.09.21 Trek 1989 1500

Handlebar Tape recently changed from white as in picture to RED. Black Pedals. Defining mark on left...

2022.10.05 Pivot 2018 Mach 429 Carbon SL

No Description Available

2022.10.04 Tree 2022 Fuel EX 7 NX

No Description Available

2022.09.29 Specialized 2015 S-Works Camber FSR 29er Small

Has faded red handlebar grips, new KS Lev dropper (100mm?), new Maxxis Ardent Race tires 29 x 2.35, ...

2022.10.05 Specialized 2019 Stumpjumper

My baby! Stock 2019 Stumpjumper Comp: carbon frame, dropper post, clipless pedals. etc.

2022.10.04 SCOTT 2021 Contessa Active 40

Blue Scott bike with wire frame basket on the back.

2022.10.04 Trek 2021 Wahoo

No Description Available

2022.10.03 Novara 2008 Aspen

This is an older bike but in excellent condition. Bright red. Good tires.

2022.10.04 Salsa 2020 Rustler

These are images of the thief taken at Al's Sporting Goods in OREM, UTAH yesterday. It looks like t...

2022.10.03 Specialized 2021 XL Rockhopper

2021 XL Specialized Rockhopper hard-tail. I had red pedals and the dork disc still on. 29" stock tir...

2022.10.03 Juliana Bicycles 2019 Furtado

No Description Available

2022.10.01 Salsa 2019 Sora 650 b

Gravel bike with cool Utah stickers

2022.09.28 Specialized 2022 Sirrus 3.0

Blue Turquoise with Black Lettering

2022.09.28 Cannondale 2021 S

No Description Available

2022.09.27 Trek 2020 Marlin 6

Purple trek marlin 6 mountain bike, 29” bontrager XR2 wheels. Has a red Salt Lake City sticker.

2022.09.11 Trek 2021 Roscoe 7

No Description Available

2022.09.11 Canyon bicycles 2021 Endurance AL 5.0

No Description Available

2022.09.26 Trek 2022 Allant 8S plus

No changes from the stock bike

2022.09.26 Trek 2022 Top Fuel 9.8 GX AXS

No Description Available

2022.09.25 Specialized 2016 Tarmac Sport

No Description Available

2022.09.25 Specialized 2016 Tarmac Sport

No Description Available

2022.09.20 Specialized 2022 Allez E5

Its a road bike with a bike rack on the rear, mismatched tires, and missing front derailleur

2022.09.17 Eunorau NEW Trike

No Description Available

2022.09.20 Specialized 2021 Turbo Levo

No Description Available

2022.09.22 Huffy No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2022.09.20 Specialized 2021 Turbo Levo

No Description Available

2022.09.17 Cannondale 2022 Trail 7

No Description Available

2022.09.18 Trek 2023 Marlin 6

No Description Available

2022.09.15 Specialized 2010 Stumpjumper FSR Pro Frame M5

Stumpjumper FSR M5. Modfications since picture was taken, Wake handlebars, blue Deftrap pedals, 1x d...

2022.09.15 b'Twin 2017 Rock Rider 340

No Description Available

2022.09.15 Magnum Bikes No Model Details Available

Electric bike step through 350w rear wheel motor

2022.09.14 Trek 2022 Powerfly

No Description Available

2022.09.11 Trek 2007 Madone SL 5.9

OCLV 110 Carbon

2022.09.01 Del Sol 2020 LXI Flow 1

No Description Available

2022.09.12 Polygon 2022 Siskiu d7

No Description Available

2022.09.10 Trek 1996 930

It has red handle bar grips and a shiny blue handle bar. A water-bottle holder, place under seat for...

2022.09.11 Santa Cruz 2018 5010 Carbon Black

No Description Available

2022.09.11 Santa Cruz 2018 5010 Carbon Purple

No Description Available

2022.09.04 Santa Cruz 2019 Hightower

No Description Available

2022.09.09 Specialized 2005 Stumpjumper FSR Comp Disc 100

FSR technology, M4 Manipulated Alloy frame with Transform monocoque TT, sealed cartridge bearings, d...

2022.09.07 Huffy No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2022.09.08 Specialized 2022 Camber Comp FSR

No Description Available

2022.08.23 Himiway 2020 Cruiser

Stolen Aug 23, 2022 without its 750 watt battery Back fender only, front fender detached Left Han...

2022.09.01 Specialized 2021 Stumpjumper Comp Alloy

It has Crank Brothers Stamp 2 platforms, black specialized grips, Fox front and rear socks, and a NX...

2022.08.29 Santa Cruz 2018 Nomad

No Description Available

2022.09.01 Scattante 2012 CFR comp

No Description Available

2022.08.30 Specialized 2022 Rock hopper Sport 29

No Description Available

2022.08.30 REI 2018 ARD1.2W

No Description Available

2022.08.30 Trek 2019 Marlin

No Description Available

2022.08.29 Aventón 2019 Pace

No Description Available

2022.08.29 Fuji Supreme Sl

No Description Available

2022.08.27 Specialized 2022 Turbo Levo Pro Carbon

No Description Available

2022.08.27 Specialized 2023 Turbo Levo Carbon Base

No Description Available

2022.08.27 Specialized 2022 Turbo Levo Comp Carbon

No Description Available

2022.08.27 Specialized 2022 Turbo Levo Comp Alloy

No Description Available

2022.08.27 Specialized 2022 Turbo Levo Expert Carbon

No Description Available

2022.08.27 Specialized 2017 Camber

No Description Available

2022.08.27 Trek 2022 X-Caliber

No Description Available

2022.08.27 Specialized 2012 Camber Comp Carbon 29

FACT 9m front triangle, M5 rear triangle, 29" geometry, tapered HT, internal Command Post routing, 1...

2022.08.23 Giant 2016 Reign xl

No Description Available

2022.08.24 Cannondale 2008 Synapse Feminine 3 Serial # S918727

No Description Available

2022.08.24 Trek 2018 Domane SL 8 Disc

Orange bottle holders and highlights. Handlebar tape is black on orange.

2022.08.20 Giant 2015 Trance Advanced 2

Identifying sticker of 'Dude, Nice!' on top tube, custom Maxis tires, replaced suspension with Fox F...

2022.08.16 Radkutsche 2016 Rapid

Large electric cargo bike with wooden Bakfiets box

2022.08.16 Soma 2015 Wolverine

Rohloff speed hub in the rear wheel. Soma Porteur rack and ILE porteur bag in the front. Black alumi...

2022.08.16 Salsa 2014 El Mariachi

Singlespeed, steel, titanium Jones handlebars, Defiant framebag

2022.08.16 Riese und Müller 2013 Birdy

No Description Available

2022.08.24 Specialized No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2022.08.23 Trek 2019 X-Caliber 8

Radio active red Trek X-Caliber 9 a few teeth damaged in the smaller drive sprocket

2022.08.23 Giant 2018 56 Road bike

No Description Available

2022.08.22 Fezzari 2019 Alta Peak

No Description Available

2022.08.18 Diamondback 2015 Mission 1

Dark Blue Frame, light blue rims, yellow grips and pedals, dropper post (that doesn't extend without...

2022.08.19 Specialized 2018 Diverge

Bike is a khaki color with neon green accents

2022.08.17 Salsa 2017 Pony Rustler

No Description Available

2022.08.17 Pedego 2022 Step

No Description Available

2022.08.17 Pedego 2020 Step

No Description Available

2022.08.17 Pedego 2022 Step

No Description Available

2022.08.15 Aventón 2019 Pace 500 (First Generation)

No Description Available

2022.08.16 Pivot 2018 VC16G02636

No Description Available

2022.08.14 Pivot 2018 VC16G02636

No Description Available

2022.08.13 Fuji Absolute 1.7

No Description Available

2022.08.05 Doheny 2021 Step-thru E-bike

No Description Available

2022.08.12 Upland Valor

No Description Available

2022.08.13 Specialized 2022 Sworks Levo

No Description Available

2022.08.12 Pinarello 2022 Dyodo

No Description Available

2022.08.06 Surly Cross-Check

No Description Available

2022.08.10 REI 2022 Large

Full-sus, matte orange frame (ember), with blue aluminum raceface atlas pedals, black ergon grips wi...

2022.08.11 Trek 2022 Fuel EX 5

No Description Available

2022.08.10 Orbea 2017 Loki

No Description Available

2022.08.08 Diamondback SMR2000

No Description Available

2022.08.08 Schwinn Trek 3900

No Description Available

2022.08.10 Trek 2021 Marlin 5 Womens

No Description Available

2022.08.09 SCOTT 2019 Scale

2019 Scott Scale with upgraded 4 piston Shimano Disk brakes. Stolen 8/9 in Provo Utah. Paint chippe...

2022.08.09 Rad Power Bikes 2022 Rad City 5

No Description Available

2022.08.09 Cervélo 2007 Soloist

No Description Available

2022.08.06 Specialized 2010 Hardrock

Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum, fully butted, formed TT, Double ORE DT, externally relieved HT, rei...

2022.08.08 Trek 2013 7.2 FX WSD

FX Alpha Gold Aluminum

2022.08.08 Doheny 2021 Step-thru

No Description Available

2022.08.04 Trek 2022 Roscoe 8

No Description Available

2022.08.06 Rad Power Bikes 2022 Expandable

No Description Available

2022.08.06 Rad Power Bikes 2020 Rad Runner Plus

No Description Available

2022.08.06 Yeti 2019 SB 130

No Description Available

2022.08.06 Specialized Sirrus

No Description Available

2022.08.04 besv 2014 ps1

No Description Available

2022.07.21 Specialized 2021 Turbo Vado SL (e-bike)

No Description Available

2022.07.31 Kona 2003 Bear Delux

Full Suspension with Fox Fork and mismatched breaks

2022.07.28 Santa Cruz 2018 Tallboy D

No Description Available

2022.07.29 Santa Cruz 2018 Bronson C

No Description Available

2022.07.26 Santa Cruz 2018 Chameleon A-R

No Description Available

2022.07.23 Salsa 2017 Pony Rustler

No Description Available

2022.07.23 Specialized No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2022.07.20 Intense 2020 Carbine

2020 Intense Carbine Expert build, red Deity platform pedals, serial number is found by rotating the...

2022.07.12 Trek Marlin 5

very new, white lettering on the side. Left gear shift is 1 and 2, right shift if memory serves is 1...

2022.07.13 Trek 2012 Mamba

Alpha Gold Aluminum, butted & hydroformed tubing, cold-forged dropouts & bottom bracket, G2 Geometry

2022.07.16 Raleigh 2019 Cadent 1

No Description Available

2022.07.16 Raleigh 2020 Talus 3

No Description Available

2022.07.16 Trek 2020 Wahoo 26

No Description Available

2022.07.16 Northrock 2020 XC27

No Description Available

2022.07.17 Specialized 2022 S-Works Tarmac

The bike is a custom-painted L39ION team-issue frameset. The bike is covered in gray graffiti tags o...

2022.07.14 Giant 2019 Quick-E

Giant Quick-E e bike. Includes Thule infant seat on crossbar and green Thule panniers.

2022.07.16 Mongoose 2022 M/Durham

No Description Available

2022.07.14 Santa Cruz 2018 Tall Boy CS Lrg

No Description Available

2022.07.15 Trek No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2022.01.27 Rad Power Bikes 2021 Rad Runner

Cargo style bike

2022.07.12 Rocky Mountain Bicycles 2019 thunderbolt carbon 90 BC addition

No Description Available

2022.07.11 Santa Cruz Chameleon

No Description Available

2022.07.11 Santa Cruz Bullit

No Description Available

2022.07.11 Juliana Bicycles Joplin

No Description Available

2022.07.11 Yeti SB130

No Description Available

2022.07.10 Raleigh 2017 Roker Sport

Raleigh Roker sport gravel bike with Pathfinder pro tires. Paint damafe

2022.07.10 Ibis 2018 Ibis DV9 mountain bike frame

White, full carbon, mountain bike, XL size, 29" wheels, seat drop post, GT eagle SRAM 12 gear, disk ...

2022.07.10 Trek 2022 Marlin

No Description Available

2022.07.09 Rockhopper 2021 Medium

No Description Available

2022.07.06 Kona 2020 Process 134 CR/DL

No Description Available

2022.07.05 BULLS Bikes 2021 Copperhead Evo Am1

No Description Available

2022.06.22 Santa Cruz 2020 Santa Cruz V10 29 DH S Build

Rear Shock: FOX DHX2 Performance Elite Coil Fork: FOX 40 Performance Front Travel: 203mm Headset:...

2022.06.22 Yeti 2021 SB130 C2 GX - XL

Rear Shock: Fox Performance DPX2 Rear Travel: 130mm Fork: Fox Performance 36 Front Travel: 150mm ...

2022.06.22 Santa Cruz 2022 Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon S

No Description Available

2022.07.03 Rad Power Bikes No Model Details Available

Had an orange baby seat on the back. It may have been taken off.

2022.07.03 Trek 2020 Domane

No Description Available

2022.07.01 SCOTT 2012 Spark

No Description Available

2021.07.26 Specialized 2012 Stumpjumper FSR Elite 29

M5 hydroformed tubing, 29" geometry, tapered headtube, PF30 BB, ISCG ’05, Command Post BlackLite r...

2022.06.27 Super73 2021 S1

Black super73-S1 has a short seat with a black basket on the back. Hoping to get the serial number f...

2022.06.18 Santa Cruz 2015 Bronson C

just did a 1x11 conversion

2022.06.26 Trek 2021 Marlin 6

No Description Available

2019.07.25 Bianchi No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2019.07.30 Specialized Crosstrail Expert

No Description Available

2019.07.30 Nashbar Road Bike frame- Small

No Description Available

2019.09.27 Raleigh No Model Details Available

No Description Available

2019.09.16 Trek 2017 Marlin

No Description Available

2019.09.19 Magnum Bikes metro plus

No Description Available

2019.08.22 NS Bikes 2012 Soda Slope

No Description Available

2019.08.19 Schwinn 2019 GTX 3

No Description Available

2019.09.19 Schwinn GTX 3

reflectors, hand pump, water bottle, light, bike seat pole is green

2014.03.24 Cannondale 1991 sm600

Vetta Anatomic saddle, SRAM shifter, 7spd rear derailleur, Rockshox fork

2019.09.24 Marin Bikes 2010 2010 Marin Hidden Canyon 20

Pedals: CompositeChain: UG-51Rims: Alloy, 32-holeTires: 20 x 2.10inch Kenda Dirt-Street ...

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