Zooming Through the Divide: The Bicycle Art of David Vincent Gonzales


Name of Artist: David Vincent Gonzales, Title: Zooming Through the Divide
Medium: Acrylic, Size: 36x30x2

Brief artist’s statement: When I was one years old, I was nearly flattened by a truck in Germany, and it was a cyclist who swooped in to save me. My parents turned their backs for a moment, and there I went rolling down the sidewalk in a stroller to meet impending doom. My parents were hysterical and chased me down. After they saw that I was okay, they looked up to thank the man on the bike. My parents said that he was nowhere to be seen.

After I won the art poster contest in 2015 for the USA Pro Challenge in Colorado; this story came flooding back into my memory. Ever since then, it has deepened my connection to cycling.

Title: Zooming Through the Divide, by David Vincent Gonzales. Medium: Acrylic, Size: 36x30x2

“Zooming Through the Divide” is a painting I created during the Pro Challenge that depicts cyclists racing through the Continental Divide near Aspen, CO. One of my career highlights was collaborating with Tour de France legend Greg LeMond to help raise money for inner-city youth. Taking on a challenge like a bike race is physical, emotional and can be a transformative experience. It is this cathartic encounter with life that I strive to depict in my paintings.

Where can people find or buy your art?: DVGart.com, Thomas Anthony Gallery (Park City, UT), Raitman Art Gallery (Breckenridge & Vail, CO) and Inart Gallery (Santa Fe, NM)

Website: DVGart.com

Social media handles:

Instagram: @DVGartist
Facebook: DVGartist


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