Monday, November 28, 2022
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Cycling Strategies for Improving Your Climbing

By Heather Casey — Maybe you've heard this: "A faster climber trains on hills more." Makes sense, yes? There's more to riding uphill than simply...

The Athlete’s Kitchen: Personalized Sports Nutrition: What should I eat?

By Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD — Wouldn’t it be nice if athletes could get a genetic test that tells them precisely what they...

Cycling Through Pregnancy: A Few Guidelines

By Tara McKee — It is cause for celebration: you just found out you’re pregnant! There are so many things to consider over the next...

Nutrition Series Part 3 of 3: Protein Supplements

By Katherine A. Beals, PhD, RD, FACSM, CSSD and Breanne Nalder, MSIn the last two protein articles we discussed the role of protein in...

5 Tips For Taking Your Mountain Biking To The Next Level

By Erica Tingey — Tip #1: Heavy Feet, Light Hands Correct body position is an essential part of going faster on a mountain bike. For descending,...

Bike Lights and Crosswalks – Are You Following the Law?

By Ken Christensen and Russ Hymas —Crosswalks: You may have heard that the law requires cyclists to walk their bikes through crosswalks, but this is more of...

Bicycle Tourism Grants Available for Native American Tribes

By Charles Pekow — Native tribes and organizations can apply for grants to promote bicycle tourism until Oct. 24. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is...

Riding the Rockies, Self-Supported: A Solo 1,400 Mile Tour of Western Colorado

By Alex Stewart – A lot has changed in our society since my first long-distance bicycle tour in 2018, from Park City, Utah to Jasper,...

Less Zoom, More Pedaling

My Friend Paul

Mechanic's Corner

What’s In Your Cycling Travel Kit?

By Tom Jow — While on a riding trip last month a friend had a derailleur cable break near the end of that day’s ride....

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DNA Pro Cycling Introduces 7 New Riders for 2023

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (September 21, 2022) — Coming off a successful season, DNA Pro Cycling has announced the signing of 7 new riders...

Recollections of the 1988 Women's Tour de France Féminin

As a cyclist, it was my greatest honor to participate in the women’s Tour De France in 1988. The women’s Tour was inaugurated in 1984. The women’s 15 day Tour joined the men’s race one week into their 3 week race.

Chasing Lightning

By Joe Kurmaskie — Like many good mysteries, this one began with a photograph. Lightning In A Saddle: the long, untamed life of Evelyn...
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Bike Prom back on September 24, 2022, as a social cycling fundraising event in downtown Salt Lake City, to benefit the construction of their...


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