Friday, September 22, 2023

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The Athlete’s Kitchen: Helping Athletes with Eating Disorders

By Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD — An estimated 30% to 60% of female athletes struggle with food, as do 10% to 33% of...

Hydration for Mountain Biking

By Erica Tingey — Proper hydration while mountain biking is critical for nutrient and oxygen delivery, organ and tissue function, temperature regulation, joint lubrication,...

Overcoming the Mid-Season Slump

By Sarah Kaufmann — As we approach fall, a common theme for many athletes over the summer is managing a mid-season slump. Most riders...

Fat Adaptation Strategies For Endurance Athletes Part II

By Heather Casey — In Part I of this article (Cycling West, Early Summer 2023 issue), I discussed the potential benefits and drawbacks of...

The Athlete’s Kitchen: ADHD & (Adult) Athletes-Can Diet Help With Management?

By Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD — As a sports nutritionist, I commonly counsel athletes who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder—generally referred to as...

The Point of All Return

It is the poetic spirit (fūrabo), the spirit that leads one to follow nature and become a friend with things of the seasons. —...

Touring South Dakota’s Black Hills via the Mickelson Trail

By Lou Melini — It was November of 2022 that Julie told me her sister was planning a family reunion at Mt. Rushmore in...

Why I Tour

By Nancy Ziegler — What Is it like for me to bicycle tour? I become totally immersed in the journey. Every part of my...

Mechanic's Corner

Refresh Your Brakes

By Tom Jow — Last month during my trip to Oakridge, Oregon I noticed my brake performance beginning to deteriorate. Specifically, my rear brake...

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Five DNA Pro Cycling Riders to Compete at UCI Cycling World Championships

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (August 1, 2023) — DNA Pro Cycling, a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Women’s Continental Team, is proud to announce that...

Feats of an Avid Cyclist: Frank Lenz’s 1892 Ride Through Yellowstone

By Janet Chapple — "Rapid transit of some kind . . . will reverse the present order of having to ride in a continuous cloud...

Recollections of the 1988 Women’s Tour de France Féminin

As a cyclist, it was my greatest honor to participate in the women’s Tour De France in 1988. The women’s Tour was inaugurated in 1984. The women’s 15 day Tour joined the men’s race one week into their 3 week race.
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U.S. bicycle industry trade association and advocacy nonprofit lead marketer started his career in the Latino community of Newark, New Jersey BOULDER, Colorado (September 13,...


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