Sunday, May 28, 2023

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The Athlete’s Kitchen: Alcohol & Athletes—the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD — When asked Is beer good for runners? running legend Jim Fixx's answer was “Sure, if it's the other...

The Athlete’s Kitchen: Chocolate and Athletes

"During a long bike ride, I snack on chocolate to boost my energy." "After a hard workout, chocolate milk is my go-to recovery food!" "How bad—or...

The Psychology of Aging and Cycling

By Eric Yelsa, Ph.D. — I recall being a junior USCF racer in the 1980’s and the variety of ages that would enter UCSF...

What Do You Need To Start With A Coach? A Literal And Figurative Guideline

By Sarah Kaufmann — When I get started coaching a new athlete, one of the things we go through at the outset is the...

The Athlete’s Kitchen: Yes, Even Athletes Get Heart Disease

By Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD — As he indulged in a jumbo sugar-covered fried pastry, the athlete unabashedly remarked, “I’m skinny; I can...

Giro d’Italia Trivia

Second only to the Tour de France in terms of prestige, the Tour of Italy was first contested in 1909. Its spring date, this...

Missouri Gem: The Katy Trail

By Dean Lang — The Katy trail is a 237 mile bike/ped trail in Missouri. On the east side, the trail starts in a place...

Wandering Eastern Kansas by Bike

By John Roberson with help from Roz — My sweetheart and I recently spent 10 days in October touring by bicycle in Eastern Kansas. We...

My Ride with Clampa

A Ride With My Granddaughter

Mechanic's Corner

Spring Bike Maintenance Tips

By Eric Ramirez — Brushing off the Dust Living in the Intermountain West it’s common to pull your bike down from the proverbial rafters in the...

Drivetrain Wear

Put It Away Clean

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Biking the Great Divide (A Woman’s Point of View)

The “basic off-pavement riding skills” and the sheer magnitude of all that climbing had me quaking in my cleats. I never considered actually riding the Divide because I thought it was way beyond my capabilities; but, I was more than willing to watch a film about it. Vince and I saw an awesome documentary called “Ride the Divide” and that changed my mind. The Divide didn’t look so bad. I was just thinking out loud when I told Vince that, “I think I can do that.” That’s all it took for him to start making plans. And once you tell all your friends, you’re committed!

Recollections of the 1988 Women’s Tour de France Féminin

As a cyclist, it was my greatest honor to participate in the women’s Tour De France in 1988. The women’s Tour was inaugurated in 1984. The women’s 15 day Tour joined the men’s race one week into their 3 week race.

Chasing Lightning

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By Barry Makarewicz — Christoph Heinrich, a local and national level cyclist, is passionate about good health, our environment and cycling and has been...


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