Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Breathe In, Breathe Out, Breathe Better

By Heather Casey — Introduction Have you ever tried counting the number of breaths you take? How about in a single day? The typical human averages...

The Athlete's Kitchen: Commercial Sports Foods: A Matter of Preference

“I thought I was supposed to use gels during long runs. Can candy work just as well..?”“Are electrolyte tablets the best way to replace...

A Dog Attacks You While Cycling, What Do You Do?

By Heather Casey, CSCS, Pn2 —Aggressive attacks can happen anywhere to anyone. A peaceful cycle through town can very much turn into a run...

On-The-Go Nutrition: Plan Ahead when Traveling to Events

By Breanne Nalder Harward, MS, RN — It’s the time of year when many of us have events away from home. Whether it’s a road...

30 Minutes to Peak State: Upper Body Conditioning for Cycling

By Pat Casey — Despite cyclists’ immense focus on their lower body strength, stability, mobility, and endurance, they commonly neglect their upper bodies. However, postural...

Vulnerability Works!

By Lee Waldman — Some of you may be familiar with my work. If you’ve raced in Colorado, and are over 50, you might have...

A Summer Tour of Southwestern Montana

By John Roberson — The following is a description of a recent, seven-day bicycle tour of southwest Montana. It was a self-supported tour on beautifully...

Less Zoom, More Pedaling

A Bike Tour on the Eastern Express Route from Washington, D. C. to Chicago By Matt Davidson — It's always a good time for a bike...

My Friend Paul

Mechanic's Corner

Tubeless Tire Puncture? Repair it with Bacon

By Tom Jow — The current state of tubeless tires and wheels for mountain bike is so good that most riders rarely experience a flat...

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Jack Seehafer to Join DNA Pro Cycling as Performance Director in 2023

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (August 23, 2022) — DNA Pro Cycling has hired Jack Seehafer as Performance Director for the 2023 season. Seehafer will...

Recollections of the 1988 Women's Tour de France Féminin

As a cyclist, it was my greatest honor to participate in the women’s Tour De France in 1988. The women’s Tour was inaugurated in 1984. The women’s 15 day Tour joined the men’s race one week into their 3 week race.

Chasing Lightning

By Joe Kurmaskie — Like many good mysteries, this one began with a photograph. Lightning In A Saddle: the long, untamed life of Evelyn...
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Bike Prom back on September 24, 2022, as a social cycling fundraising event in downtown Salt Lake City, to benefit the construction of their...


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