UDOT Plans to Remove Bike Lanes on Redwood Road

May 29, 2016 – The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is planning to remove bike lanes on Redwood Road between 10440 S to 12600 South in the Salt Lake Valley. UDOT is proposing to restripe Redwood Road from 5 lanes to 7 lanes from 9000 South to 12600 South. Additionally, a separate project is in place […]

UDOT Releases New App to Report Roadway Issues

UDOT Releases New App to Report Roadway Issues

By Dave Iltis June 2014 – The Utah Department of Transportation has released a new smartphone app called UDOT Click ‘N Fix to report roadway issues on state owned roads. The app, which runs on both iPhone and Android platforms, allows users to snap a photo, add geolocation data, and details on the type of […]

Study Looks at Safe Routes to School Programs

What’s the best way to choose grantees for Safe Routes to School (SRS) programs? States should get info from applicants on existing conditions they propose to remedy, proposed plans and methods for assessing outcomes. But some questions remain unanswered on the best way to choose, according to a federal study on the issue.

Alpine Cited For Great Use of Safe Routes to School Grant

You needn’t look any further than Alpine, right here in Utah to prove the benefits of the endangered Safe Routes to School (SRS) program. SRS itself is traveling an unsafe route to survival, running on a spare tire presently in a seemingly endless series of leases on life while Congress continues to debate its future. But a national study cited Alpine’s use of an SRS grant as a reason to support bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in small towns.