Road Respect: Helping Cars & Bikes Get Along on Utah’s Roads

Road Respect: Helping Cars & Bikes Get Along on Utah’s Roads

As cyclists, most of us who share the roads with cars love to commiserate with stories about the cars, trucks and buses which cut us off, take sudden right turns in front of us, drift into our lanes or honk loudly at us as they drive closely by. But we also grumble about our fellow bikers who defiantly ride through stop signs and red lights, become a menace to pedestrians on sidewalks and break other rules of the road, making it easier for motorists to paint the rest of the two-wheeled crowd as a bunch of scofflaws.

Plan to Attend the 2012 Utah Bike Summit

The theme of the fourth annual Utah Bike Summit, lovingly adapted from Utah’s tourism theme is Bike Elevated. It’s a theme meant to inspire us all to reach higher in striving to build a better bicycling future for our state. Utah’s road cyclists, commuters and mountain bikers can all find something they can enjoy and learn from at this year’s Summit.

UDOT and DPS to Sponsor Road Respect Share the Road Campaign

June 2011 – Cycling is becoming more popular than ever and the most popular road cycling routes in the state are becoming positively crowded with cyclists. It’s a good news-bad news scenario. It’s awesome that there are so many cyclists out on the road and you can presume that people who ride their bikes on weekends will be more sympathetic to the cyclists they encounter on weekdays when they are driving.