Physiological Testing & Endurance Training

Each time we suggest it’s time for a test, many of our athletes cringe and suggest postponing it until they feel better or stronger. Others love the challenge and look forward to it. Regardless, if an athlete wants the most out of structured training, especially if working with a qualified coach, we consider it indispensable.

‘Tis a Season of Culmination and Transition

Athletes transitioning to hiking or trail running, or others ramping up for cyclocross or snow season, may continue to enjoy a high metabolism. However, for those whose seasons are winding down, especially if they decide to “take a break” in the form of complete inactivity, the lower rate of calorie burning can prove problematic. Weight gain can create a variety of issues, including making preparation for a coming season more arduous.

It’s Never Too Late – or Too Early – to be a Rock Star

It’s Never Too Late – or Too Early – to be a Rock Star

With the exciting growth of the Utah High School Cycling Association, led by director (and Dave’s wife) Lori Harward, we have been more involved with youth cycling in recent months and are now coaching some young and extremely promising riders. At the other end of the spectrum, riders in their late forties and fifties – and beyond – come to us from a variety of backgrounds. Some raced earlier in life and want to get back into it, some are new to the sport, and still others want to take their fitness to the next level, whether to prepare for challenging rides or targeted events.

Handling It: Group Riding & Racing Awareness

cycling is an activity that binds us inextricably as joint participants, since we’re either “riding together” at the same pace side by side or benefitting from fellow riders’ slipstreams. Even in competitive events where the ultimate goal is to break free of the group, whether in a breakaway or a final sprint, staying with other riders is an inherent part of a sound strategy