Support Your Bones. They Support You!

I have learned about the importance of bones the hard way! At the mere age of 25, a bone scan revealed that I had the skeletal equivalent of a 60 year old woman. My risk of suffering an osteoporotic fracture was significantly increased, which is concerning for a cyclist, particularly one who has had (and continues to have) her fair share of crashes! Not surprisingly, this discovery sparked my interest in the factors that impact bone health and helped to chart my educational endeavors.

You Can Lead a Cyclist to Water, But What, When, and How Much Should He/She Drink?

Water makes up the majority of our total body weight (approximately 60% of our body weight is water) and is crucial for optimal athletic performance (dehydration is the second leading nutritional cause of poor performance behind glycogen depletion). But what you may not realize is that there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around about thermoregulation, hydration and fluid requirements.