Cycling in Serbia and Croatia

Cycling in Serbia and Croatia

By David Ward It was raining steadily, and as I climbed I kept wondering if I should head back to the hotel. I wasn’t prepared for rain, and I knew that descending in this steady rain would be sketchy. But, it was not cold and I had a goal: The crest of the largest falls […]

On the Seat of My Bike

On the Seat of My Bike

By David Ward Looking backwards over my 64 years of life, I see a bicycle weaving in and out of the events, experiences and emotions that have filled that life. It figured prominently in my early years and faded for awhile once I gained a driver’s license. But like a loyal dog, it waited patiently […]

Dreaming of Racing

I had a dream the other night. I dreamt I was at a meeting of our racing club and we were planning out the coming race season. There was an air of anticipation and excitement as we discussed the upcoming races. I was anxious for the racing to begin.

I’m Tired of Hearing about Doping

Like many others, I expect, I am tired of reading and hearing about doping. I am tired of being asked my opinion on doping, and particularly on Lance Armstrong and doping. I love this sport, and I am sensitive to the beating it is taking. Like a bad dream, I would like to wake up and have it all go away. Unlike a bad dream, it won’t.

Is Lance Still a Champion?

Okay. Let’s just agree that Lance was, as they say in the vernacular, juicing. It does seem from what we as the public have available that he probably was. But, I am not wading into that debate. Rather, for me the question is, where does that leave me as a big fan of professional bike racing?

Le Tour and More

I have just emerged from a Tour de France fog. Every July, I change my internet home page from to avoid seeing who won that day’s stage, warn all to avoid spilling the news and come home in the evening just to stay up late watching that day’s contest. By the time I do that over three weeks, I am sleep-deprived, my head swimming with sprints, climbs and breakaways, and battling withdrawal. Yes, I am a Tour junkie.