On the Seat of My Bike

On the Seat of My Bike

By David Ward Looking backwards over my 64 years of life, I see a bicycle weaving in and out of the events, experiences and emotions that have filled that life. It figured prominently in my early years and faded for awhile once I gained a driver’s license. But like a loyal dog, it waited patiently […]

Dreaming of Racing

I had a dream the other night. I dreamt I was at a meeting of our racing club and we were planning out the coming race season. There was an air of anticipation and excitement as we discussed the upcoming races. I was anxious for the racing to begin.

I’m Tired of Hearing about Doping

Like many others, I expect, I am tired of reading and hearing about doping. I am tired of being asked my opinion on doping, and particularly on Lance Armstrong and doping. I love this sport, and I am sensitive to the beating it is taking. Like a bad dream, I would like to wake up and have it all go away. Unlike a bad dream, it won’t.

Is Lance Still a Champion?

Okay. Let’s just agree that Lance was, as they say in the vernacular, juicing. It does seem from what we as the public have available that he probably was. But, I am not wading into that debate. Rather, for me the question is, where does that leave me as a big fan of professional bike racing?

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