Keep It Moving: Turn Your Pedals Throughout Each Ride

There is no doubt that focusing on more continuous effort during a ride can be beneficial. Some coaches get fanatical about it, insisting that their riders pedal at all times, including on downhill sections. Naturally, this could prove dangerous, especially on a technical descent or in adverse weather conditions. Still, there is no reason not to continue pedaling on a descent, when drinking from water bottles or when adjusting your speed given pack or traffic dynamics, as long as you do so SAFELY.

Study Looks at Safe Routes to School Programs

What’s the best way to choose grantees for Safe Routes to School (SRS) programs? States should get info from applicants on existing conditions they propose to remedy, proposed plans and methods for assessing outcomes. But some questions remain unanswered on the best way to choose, according to a federal study on the issue.

Climbs of Utah County

Climbs of Utah County

With jagged peaks, wide roads and narrow canyons, Utah County is a veritable cycling paradise when it comes to climbing. Theres a reason the Tour of Utah includes two of these climbs in one of its stages.