Update on Cycle Salt Lake Century 2014 Refunds

July 3, 2014 – Cycling Utah received the following letter today from the Cycle Salt Lake Century regarding when refunds will be sent out. For previous updates: See http://www.cyclingutah.com/sport-biking-and-bicycle-touring/road-sport-and-touring/cycle-salt-lake-century-cancelled-2014/ and http://www.cyclingutah.com/news/cycle-salt-lake-century-2014-refund-update/ for details on why the CSLC was cancelled this year. Refund Schedule for the Cycle Salt Lake Century 2014 Greetings, I wanted to update you all […]

Cycle Salt Lake Century 2014 Refund Update

June 23, 2014 – In May, the Cycle Salt Lake Century was cancelled for several reasons including the health of the organizer, Jon Smith, and lower than expected rider registrations (See http://www.cyclingutah.com/sport-biking-and-bicycle-touring/road-sport-and-touring/cycle-salt-lake-century-cancelled-2014/ for details). Yesterday, Cycling Utah received a letter to the participants from Jon Smith. The text of the letter is below. We will […]

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

June 2011 – Guardian angels. That must be it. Jon Smith, promoter of the Cycle Salt Lake Century Ride (CSLC), has to be the most fortunate promoter around. His event has not had bad weather for as long as I can remember.