Am I A Swimmer, A Cyclist, A Runner, Or A Triathlete?

Getting back to the message for today, let’s focus on the benefits of a triathlete putting mind and body into the sport of cycling for performance gains as a triathlete. I believe in order to de-sensitize from the jabs and knocks of the sport-specific masters, we need to understand the root of the criticism, nurture those areas requiring special attention, embrace our differences, and then take on the challenges.

5 Steps to Progress After A ‘Face-Plant’ Race Performance

The A-Racer’s schedule might provide a transition period post-race for her body and mind to recover, refresh and perhaps shift gears all-together. In this case, the athlete’s level of output could reach intensities knowing that an extensive transition time is on the way. The B-Racer might be racing in the middle of a training block where a recovery period is not immediately following this finish.

Spring Prep: Mother Nature’s Not Always our Friend

Some days living in warm and dry temps, where you can count on feeling thirst and sweating sunscreen, can feel so refreshing when an ‘April Shower’ blows wet+cold. Our body and mind adapt to our environment though, so this shock to the system can truly shift our energy and therefore performance as endurance athletes- whether the triathlete facing ‘cold shock’ from open water or the cyclist caught in a chilling downpour