Grants Offered to Junior Cyclists

Junior participation in cycling is often underrepresented, but most would agree that juniors are the future of the sport. Utah has a proud rich history of junior success stories, Dave Zabriskie, Jeff Louder, and Burke Swindlehurst to mention a few. All of these amazing riders started young and found support systems then gave them the […]

Moab Community Bike News for Spring 2013

Moab’s bicycling community is set for an active spring with activities planned for bike month, including a bike prom, new bike enhancements at the Museum, and new school programs. Museum of Moab: The Museum of Moab invites the Moab community and visitor to celebrate Moab’s Bike History. Moab is a powerful destination for bicycling. From […]

Study Looks at Connectivity for Cyclists

One big reason people don’t cycle across cities is the lack of convenience in connecting one cycling route to another. People will only go so far out of their way, ride only so much along heavily trafficked streets or go through so many busy intersections when getting from one bike route to another.