cycling utah September 1999

To the editor:

I recently received a letter dated August 25 stating that Cindy Yorgason was no longer the Idaho District rep. No reason was given for her dismissal. This seems strange, as no one in Idaho was asked what we thought of her and the job she was doing.

After a bit of asking around I was told that a few people in Utah had problems working with her (ignoring the fact that she is the most pro-active rep we've ever had). Website, mailings, insuring all officials have a chance to work, donating her officials payment back as prime money, working UNPAID as the Idaho rep and Utah coordinator since the beginning of the year when other reps and coordinators have been paid, ETC!

Regardless of the issues people may have with Cindy, the way this was done stinks to high heaven. The state rep position is a lightning rod for everyone's complaints and problems. Personal disagreement over style or interpretation is no reason to have someone in that position fired.

The first time I met Cindy was at an Idaho RR where she disqualified me and most of the field for yellow line violations. I disagreed vehemently with her then but it never occurred to me to stoop to the chicken shit solution of trying to have her fired. I have since come to appreciate her candor, her devotion and her commitment to bike racing.

Those who have been waging a private, behind-the-scenes grudge campaign against Cindy got exactly what you wanted. You know who you are. Shame on you for not having the balls to take your grievences to a public forum where the rest of us can have our say - you have ROBBED Idaho of the best representative we have ever had.

Good luck filling her shoes. You’ll need it. People had problems with Del (Brown) and got him fired. People had problems with Cindy and got her fired. Remember, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

John Foster

Boise, Idaho

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