cycling utah May 2000


It's May - time to dust off the bike and legs

By David R. Ward


As I write this, I am sitting at my desk looking out my office window at a green mosaic of brilliantly budding trees, shrubs and trimmed lawns backed by the upward reaching Wasatch Mountains, all of which is emboldened by a beautiful blue sky. Black ribbons of pavement course through this mosaic. The scene beckons to my bicycle and me, both of which have so far pretty much remained on the rack.

It has been a hectic Y2K for me. So much so that few rides have been planned, and of those planned most have failed to reach fruition. Work, family, and other responsibilities and concerns have conspired to mothball my bicycle and me from the excellent enjoyment of regular riding. It is time to break out.

And there is no better month than May to do so. A look at cycling utah's Calendar of Events reveals a period of plentiful bicycling opportunities and activities. With the usually mild and temperate weather of May, it is the ideal time to pedal around.

For the road scene, the month kicks off with the East Canyon Road Race on May 6, an exciting and challenging course for road racing enthusiasts. This is followed by the Cycle Salt Lake Week which runs from May 13 through May 20. The week includes the UTA Rideshare Bike Bonanza, Mayor's Bike to Work Day, Historic Tour and other activities.

The Cycle Salt Lake Week concludes on Saturday, May 20, with the Cycle Salt Lake Century, the biggest single cycling event in the state of Utah. Good roads, food and a lot of people make this a must event for all road enthusiasts.

Idaho offers two road race events in May, the Emmett-Roubaix Road Race on May 7, and the Middleton Madness Road Race on May 14. Montana also contributes to the month with the 4-stage Ecology Center Classic, with a $10,000 prize list, on May 27-29.

For a great touring experience, Saturday, May 13 is the date for the Third Annual Lakeside Ride, a part of the West Yellowstone Spring Cycle Tour. This is one of my favorite rides, winding riders through magnificent high country scenery alongside the famous Madison River and past Hebgen, Quake and Henry's Lakes.

Mountain bike racers also have a good month to look forward to. The Bike Board Blade Showdown at Five Mile Pass, the third race of the Intermoun-tain Cup series, takes place on May 6. The first race of the Wild Rockies Series also takes place on May 6 with the Barking Spider race at Hidden Springs, Idaho. This is followed by the second race of that series and an event popular with Utah and Idaho riders, the Bordertown Challenge in Oasis, Nevada.

Also in May is one of the truly enjoyable mountain bike festivals, the San Rafael Swell, on May 19-21. This is the 14th staging of this popular mountain bike event.

Capping off the month is the well-known Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in Durango, Colorado. This Classic includes both mountain and road events, including the famous Race Against the Train, which the train always loses.

The month of May offers plenty to satisfy every preferred form of bicycling adventure. It is enough to make even the most slovenly rider motivated to dust off the old steed, mount up and start turning the pedals. For updated information on these an other events, refer to cycling utah's Calendar of Events, or go to

For myself, this plentiful pallet of great events has me planning out a month of fun cycling. I look forward to placing myself right in the middle of this scene I have only been observing from behind my window.

Have a great bicycling month.

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