cycling utah March 1999

Critical Masquerade

By Debora Wrathall

On Oct. 30th, over 30 bicyclists rode in the First Annual Critical Masquerade, a spooky parade on wheels sponsored by Critical Mass.

This was the first Critical Mass for all but five riders (one was a veteran of San Francisco Critical Mass rides). Nevertheless, cyclists clumped together and changed lanes like experienced Massers. Cyclists cheered and made merry waving and smiling at spectators as they pedaled along busy downtown streets. There was one reveler on a home-made double-decker bike, and a couple showed up riding tandem.

Needless to say, automobile traffic was well-aware of their presence on the streets. Indeed, the cyclists garnered honks of support as well as curious stares and smiles.

Gear and gift certificates were graciously donated by local bikeshops awarded to costumed riders. Spirits were high as the cyclists paraded through traffic.

Critical Mass is a monthly bike ride to demonstrate that cycling is a valid form of transportation. It happens on the last Friday of the month all over the world, and will start up again later this spring in Salt Lake. Watch the calendar section for details. Other recent Critical Mass rides have gathered donations for Kosovo.

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