Tandem riders have a club of their own

By Robin Perkins

While cruising the web a few months ago I ran across a site that I thought was interesting and very creative. The site is called ULTRA (Utah League of Tandem Riding Addicts) it can be found at www.vitrex.net/~bucher/. Mike and Heather Bucher created this unique site.

The following quote from the site sheds light on their mission: "Brand new club that needs new members to grow! If you are a tandem rider or are interested in tandems, please contact us and we'll get you on the roster. There are no dues, so what do you have to loose?"

A few weeks ago on May 2 was the first organized ride of club ULTRA. my wife Penny (who by the way is the most enjoyable stoker I could ever hope to find) went and relished the great time we had.

Mike and Heather organized the ride. I have nothing but praise for this couple, their energy, willingness to give, and sincerity was appreciated by all in attendance.

A week after the ride we were treated by the following club news on the web site written by Mike and Heather.

First ULTRA Ride a Success! ULTRA had its fust ride on Saturday, 2 May, and what a day it was! Nothing but sunshine and blue skies!

Leaving from Syracuse City Park and heading north, the brisk tailwind made for easy riding and ample speeds as the group headed through Hooper, Plain City and on to Willard Bay. The return trip was more of a challenge, thanks to the tailwind turned headwind, but ULTRA was up to the challenge! Robin and Penny Perkins set the pace on the way back, demonstrating either great strength and skill as cyclists, or a deep desire to get back and have some lunch! Speaking of lunch, thanks to Craig and Connie Allen for picking up the sandwiches and having them ready for the rest of the gang!

Steve Mannebach received a proper initiation into "captainhood" as he had to ride with two stokers, a 6-month pregnant Meredith on the way out and a recovering-from-illness Heather Bucher on the way back. But Steve was up to it, considering the beautiful, new softride Comotion he was piloting.

The Mannebach's weren't the only ones with new equipment. Susan Slade and Bob Weirick arrived with their new, custom-built Bike Friday. Although asked numerous times to demonstrate how it's dismantled and folded up, Bob didn't seem too enthused to do that.

All in all, it was a great day for riding.

Robin and Penny Perkins are planning our next ride, June 13, so keep your calendar free! Plan to meet at the Spring Chicken Inn at 9 a.m. in Wanship, just off 1-90 at exit 156, 11 miles east of the Park City exit.

Riders will be able to do a Coalville loop ride of about 20 miles or up to 60 miles with a ride up Chalk Creek. Expect a group lunch stop about eight miles up the canyon. A map and more details will be handed out at the start of the ride.