Regional Road Bike Racing Calendar (Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico)

2019 Regional (ID, WY, MT, NV, CO, AZ ) Weekly Road Race Series Bike Events Calendar (Regular Event Schedule is Below)

May 14-July 16, 2019Expo Idaho SWICA Criterium Series, SWICA Criterium Series, Boise, ID, Local training crit series at Expo Idaho West lot (Glenwood Street south of Hawks Stadium). Tuesdays except June 4 and June 21, Kurt Holzer, 208-890-3118, [email protected], Kevin Spiegel, [email protected],

May 15-August 14, 2019ICE BAR Time Trial/Hillclimb Series, ICE BAR Series, Pocatello, ID, Flat time trials: Start at Rainbow Road, 6.2m(10k). Scoring is best 2 of 4 times., May 15 at 6:30 pm, 7:00 pm, June 12, July 10 and July 31 Hill Climbs: Park at Cherry Springs, Crystal start at Cherry Springs and Scout start at bottom of Scout Mtn Rd. Scoring is best Crystal plus best Scout time. Approximately 5 mile climbs. mass start., May 29 -Crystal Summit, 6:30 pm. 7:00 pm: June 26-Scout, July 17-Crystal Summit, August 14-Scout, Categories: End of season awards for men and women's overall winners of these categories: A's , B's , Master's 50+, Masters 60+, Triathlete, Recreational (Non TT bike, Eddie Merckx style), Single Speed, and Clydesdale (210 lbs+) and Athena (150 lbs+), Peter Joyce, 208-282-3912, [email protected], Tony Chesrow, 435-671-2506, [email protected],

2019 Regional (ID, WY, MT, NV, CO, AZ ) Road Bike Racing Event Calendar

July 4-7, 2019Northwest Tandem Rally, Boise, ID, We have two group rides planned and several social functions. 4 days of tandem rides!, Mike Cooley, 208-343-3782, [email protected],

July 6, 2019Twin Falls Criterium, SWICA, Twin Falls, ID, Idaho State Criterium Championships, Rick Greenawald, 208-316-6176, [email protected],,

July 7, 2019Sunshine Pass Hill Climb, Boulder, CO, 3000 feet in 9.8 miles including 3 miles of hard pack dirt., Barry Lee, 720-244-8228, 720-409-7048, [email protected],

July 12, 2019Chrono Kristin Armstrong Time Trial, Pro Road Tour, Boise, ID, UCI 1.2 men's, women's time trial, Mike Cooley, 208-343-3782, [email protected],,

July 13, 2019ASWB Twilight Criterium, USA Crits, Boise, ID, 33rd Annual, Pro Road Tour, races for all categories, and race under the lights for the pros., Mike Cooley, 208-343-3782, [email protected],

July 14, 2019Double Eagle Time Trial Series, Albequerque, NM, 20k, Phil Neis, [email protected],,

July 17-20, 2019Southeast Idaho Senior Games, Pocatello, ID, Scout Mountain Hill Climb, Criterium, 10k Time Trial and 20k Road Race, 5k Time Trial, 40k Road Race, Dana Olson, 208-233-2034, 208-317-3918, [email protected],

July 21, 2019Bill McLain Memorial – Sandia Crest Road Race, Albequerque, NM, 27 or 57 miles, Randy Corcoran, 505-440-0603, [email protected],

July 27, 2019Targhee Hill Climb, Driggs, ID, Wyoming State Hill Climb Championships. Day 1 – Targhee Hill Climb. Day 2 – Teton Pass Hill Climb. Compete in one or both. To be scored for the State Champs you must race both days. Winners based on combined times. Time trial starts at 10 am with 30 second intervals. Starts at Peaked Sports in Driggs, climbs Ski Hill Road and ends half a mile from the Grand Targhee Resort. The course covers 12 miles and 2,200 vertical feet. Awards, Raffle and results 1 pm at Peaked Sports. Net proceeds benefit Teton Valley Trails and Pathways., Dick Weinbrandt, 208-354-2354, [email protected], Forest Dramis, [email protected],,

July 27, 2019Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb, Colorado Summit Cycling Series, Idaho Springs, CO, 53rd annual, This is an arduous 27 mile bicycle race and gran fondo that ends on the highest paved road in the United States to the summit of Mount Evans at 14,130', 6000 feet elevation gain, Jennifer Barbour, 303-503-4616, [email protected], Kim Nordquist, 303-249-6168, [email protected],,

July 27, 2019Double Eagle Time Trial Series, Albequerque, NM, 20k, Phil Neis, [email protected],,

July 28, 2019Teton Pass Hill Climb, Wilson, WY, Wyoming State Hill Climb Championships. Day 1 – Targhee Hill Climb. Day 2 – Teton Pass Hill Climb. Compete in one or both. To be scored for the State Champs you must race both days. Winners based on combined times. 9:15 AM road race (4.7 miles, 2284 ft. vertical), 21st Anniversary, this year held on Old Pass Road instead of the highway! No cars, no brake dust, just peace and quiet for you to enjoy your suffering!, Dick Weinbrandt, 208-354-2354, [email protected], Forest Dramis, [email protected],

July 28, 2019Tour de Los Alamos, Los Alamos, NM, 47th Annual, road race, 27 mile circuit, 27-81 miles, Cyndi , [email protected],

August 3-4, 2019Idaho Senior Games, Kuna, ID, 5k and 10K Time Trials both at 9 a.m. date cooresponds to order of listing, 20 K Aug 5 and 40 K Aug 4 Road Races at 10 a.m., qualifying year for 2019 National Senior Games. Held at S. Cole Road & Hubbard/10 Mile Creek Rd., Mike Thorton, 208-861-8000, [email protected], Frank Gilbert, 208-853-1964, [email protected],

August 4, 2019Arizona State Time Trial 20K Championships, Picacho, AZ, Arizona State Individual Time trial, 20K. Course out & back, flat, first ride start 6:30 AM, rider go off in 30 seconds intervals. USA Cycling State awards., Joey Luliano, [email protected],,

August 8-11, 2019USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships, Colorado Springs, CO, Chuck Hodge, 719-434-4200, [email protected],

August 10, 2019Lamoille Canyon Hill Climb, Lamoille, NV, 13th annual. Road Race hill climb, 12 miles, 3000ft hill climb in Ruby Mountains. Race starts at 9am. Post event picnic and awards in Lamoille Grove, 11:30am, Gayle Hughes, 775-753-7789, 775-934-4532, [email protected],

August 10, 2019Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Colorado Summit Cycling Series, Colorado Springs, CO, The start line is located at 9,390 ft./2,862 m and the finish line is 156 turns, 12.42 mi./20 km, later, with an average grade of 7%, and a gain in altitude of 4,725 ft./1.440 m, to conclude at 14,115 ft./4,302m. It will be held in conjunction with The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb gran fondo fun ride, The Sports Corp , 719-634-7333, [email protected], Jeff Mosher, 719-634-7333 Ext 1005, [email protected],,

August 17, 2019Bogus Basin Hill Climb, Boise, ID, 42nd Annual, Mike Cooley, 208-343-3782, [email protected],

August 18, 2019Double Eagle Time Trial Series, Albequerque, NM, 20k, Phil Neis, [email protected],,

August 24, 2019Las Campanas Classic Road Race, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico Regional Road Race Championships, 8.8 mile circuit, 17-70 miles, Tom Egelhoff, 505-995-3612, [email protected],,

September 1, 2019Kitt Peak Time Trial, Tucson, AZ, 11.6 mile hill climb time trial up Kitt Peak, 3400' vertical., Donald Melhado, 520-325-7978, [email protected],,

September 8-14, 2019World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC), Battle Mountain, NV, 20th annual hosted by the IHPVA. Current record is 89.59 mph. Classes: Men's, Women's, Juniors in Open, Multi-track, tandem and Arm Power. International cyclists from around the world will gather on SR305, the fastest stretch of road in the world to see who can break the World Record., Al or Alice Krause, 707-443-8261, 707-845-3683, [email protected],,

September 13-15, 2019Silver State 508, Reno, NV, 36th Annual, Founded by John Marino in 1983 and recognized as “The Toughest 48 hours in Sport,” This 508-mile bicycle race is revered the world over for its epic mountain climbs, stark desert scenery, desolate roads, and its reputation as one of the toughest but most gratifying endurance challenges available, bar none. Solo supported, randonneur, two-person relay, and four-person relay divisions. The Silver State 508 is a Race Across AMerica (RAAM) Qualifier, which traverses Highway 50, the Loneliest Road in America., Robert Panzera, 917-543-2670, [email protected], Jo Panzera, [email protected],

September 15, 2019Mt. Graham Hill Climb, Safford, AZ, 8 am, mass start, Nippy Feldhake III, 520-747-2544 , [email protected],

September 28, 2019Bear Lake Monster Cross, St. Charles, UT/ID, A Dirt Fondo along the back roads of the Bear Lake Valley. Starting and finishing at St. Charles, Idaho, the race tours the foothills and backcountry of the Bear Lake Valley with approximately 70 miles of dirt and gravel and just enough pavement to get you where you're going. A cut off exists for those looking for closer to 60 miles. Cyclocross or Mountain Bikes are your best options. Race it, ride it, love it., Jared Eborn, 801-599-9268, [email protected],

September 28, 2019Man vs Machine, Williams, AZ, The Grand Canyon Railway, in partnership with Grand Canyon Racing, will fire up its steam engine 4960 – a 310-ton behemoth built in 1923 – to take on hundreds of intrepid bicyclists on a 53-mile course that will climb 2,023 feet starting at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to iconic Williams, AZ, finishing on historic route 66., PJ Borman, 602-296-8313, [email protected],

October 5-6, 2019Nevada Senior Games, Las Vegas, NV, Cycling competition for age groups: 50-94. 5 and 10k time trials, 20 and 40k road races, I-15 & US-93, 10 miles north of Las Vegas, Tim Jones, 702-994-6205, [email protected],,

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