Legends of Siesta Key

I lean the bicycle against a massive column. The main building is southern gothic plantation architecture. My backpack is heavy with mass-market tenth and eleventh editions, and used at that so Mr. McDonald didn’t see a dime from my recent purchases. I wait at the door. The surveillance cameras must be well hidden. I wait some more.

The Mean Streets Of Springtime

Winter commuting by bicycle; cold, wet, quiet mornings, just the sound of water slicking the fenders and one or more of my sons sniffling back a runny nose and asking me, from the back of the bike, about why only some of the geese have flown fly south by January. Sometimes the ride feels like that scene from Twelve Monkeys, when the Bruce Willis character comes up to the surface and finds snow and silence. There are still clashes between cars and riders trying to share the road, but winter seems to lower the frequency and intensity.

Building Bicycle Valhalla

Building Bicycle Valhalla

By Joe Kurmaskie Speaking around the country about all things bike related has given me a few insights about where our communities stand in the evolution towards bike friendly Valhalla – we’re talking scalable, livable places where anyone can roll two wheels out the front door without fear… or requesting combat pay. Where a mix […]

The Art Of Getting Back Up

As a college sophomore and member of Drexel’s Cycling Team, Doug was training on Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia when a pickup truck pulling an ATV plowed into him. The driver fled the scene and left Doug alone and seriously injured. He doesn’t know how long he was in the street before help came.