Cycling and Air Pollution

Cycling and Air Pollution

By Lou Melini I would like to respond to the Health article by Mr. Charles Pekow published in the April issue of Cycling Utah entitled Where Should You Ride to Avoid the Effects of Air Pollution. As a general statement, Mr. Pekow presented the readers a nice review of a study from Portland State University. […]

Cyclists in Summit County Need to be Good Ambassadors

With the Park City and Summit County area having 4-5 events nearly every weekend during the summer, ‘special events” start to become something other than ‘special.’ Residents also confuse casual group rides with formal events; to the residents the distinction is irrelevant as both types of rides have the same impacts. They become angry, distrustful, and ever more anti-cyclist.

It’s Just a Quick Spin

It’s Just a Quick Spin

the sickening sound one often hears when the impact of a body hitting the ground is so great, air is forced from the lungs. Ouch. Just seconds before, I was sailing along on my newly built ride, but I was brought to a quick halt. The sauntering couple in the park, along with their small dog, had somehow managed to take up all ten feet of pathway.

Why I Wear a Helmet

On April 29th, 2010 I was training for an upcoming triathlon. I was riding down a hill when a car made a left-hand turn in front of me. It was an accident. The driver had not been drinking, speeding, or driving recklessly. We were both obeying the traffic laws.

Ultimate Challenge Entry Fee

By Dave Donaldson I enjoyed your article in Cycling Utah about your Ultimate Challenge ride. My riding buddies and I would love to participate in this event, and have talked about doing it every year as we try to support all the local centuries and group rides, but the one thing that always changes our […]

Ultimate Challenge Start Time

By John Higgins I enjoyed Mr Ward’s report on the Ultimate Challenge in the current (September) issue of Cycling Utah, and feel compelled to answer the question posed toward the end. Why aren’t more cyclists doing it? I gave serious consideration to doing the Ultimate Challenge this year, but there was one main reason that […]