Funding active transportation: Utah County does it better

By Chad Mullins Finding adequate sources of funding to develop a regional active transportation network is a major challenge. As mentioned in the previous blog, our neighbors in Utah County provide an excellent example of what vision and effort can accomplish through regional and local community partnerships. Go on-line (Interactive Trails Map) to see the […]

More Alternatives Needed for University of Utah to Downtown Salt Lake City Bike Routes

By Chad Mullins Salt Lake City’s Transportation Division has been convening a University to Downtown bikeway focus group; this is part of the City’s current effort to update the Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan.  The City is currently seeking ideas to improve walking and bicycling in Salt Lake City on the “Open City Hall.” You can give them your suggestions […]

Wasatch Front Bike Progress – Lots of Good Signs

By Chad Mullins Originally, my intention was to mention a list of events that deserve our bicycle community support at the end of this blog.  Only through our participation can we hope to attract the political will needed to get active transportation projects planned and funded. But when I considered how few readers might remain […]

An Introduction to Chad Mullins’ New Blog

This blog will be a new experience for me, and that means it will be a new experience for readers as well.  So, first I will try to explain myself, which may help put my comments and opinions in context. I love riding a bike instead of driving, and try to do so at every […]