cycling utah August 2000

Funding secured for Parleys tunnel

      Building on the success of the Parleys Crossing project, a $2.8 million expanse of trails and bridges at the mouth of Parleys Canyon, the Parleys Committee has struck gold again, this time in Phase II on a nearly $1 million tunnel under I-215.
      The tunnel will connect the Bonneville Shoreline Trail/ Suicide Rock area with the Parleys Historic Nature Park. The committee was successful in obtaining funding and resource commitments from various sources, including Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, the State of Utah, UDOT and the Dumke Foundation. Major funding from TEA-21 transportation funds is also anticipated.
      The Committee's work and both Phase I and Phase II of the project has been sponsored by the Bonneville Resource Conservation & Development Council, a local nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The RC&D has stepped up to the plate on both occasions, pledging financial and resource support in order to see the project through. Each time, it has successfully engaged partners to help carry the financial burden and enable completion of the project.
      With Phase II, the Committee developed an important last-minute alliance with Salt Lake City. The city provided critical stop gap funding in order to see the project through. The Phase II tunnel is expected to be completed in the fall of 2001.
      But even with million dollar trails, bridges and tunnels under their belt, the committee, the RC&D and their partners are not through. Now the focus is to take the trail west, down into the Parleys Historic Nature Park and eventually over I-80 and into Sugar House Park. Again, this will require millions of dollars of funding. But the trail extension will provide wonderful opportunities for pedestrian traffic.
      Community development projects like this are challenging and face numerous obstacles. The committee is looking for volunteers to help plan and prepare to take the trail west.
      If you are interested in helping out, call or email committee co-chairs Nate Alder (323-5000 or [email protected]) or Rita Lund (466-7711
or [email protected]).

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