cycling utah April 1999


Bike Summer organizers in San Francisco are seeking volunteers in cities around the world to serve as liaisons between their communities and the Bay Area. These contacts will assist in publicizing Bike Summer in their area, help mobilize participants to attend; aid in arranging transportation such as vanpools or car pools; and other logistical planning.

"We hope Bike Summer will be embraced by the global cycling community," says Paul Dorn, a Bike Summer organizer who serves on the board of directors of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. "We hope the event becomes a focus for building a real international network of bicyclists and environmental activists. By drawing hundreds of people to San Francisco, Bike Summer will help create links for future sustainability advocacy on a global scale."

Bike Summer organizers in San Francisco will provide local liaisons with press materials, stickers, flyers, posters, housing information and other resources. Local liaisons will be listed on the Bike Summer website (, facilitating connections with other cyclists in their areas.

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