2014 Trek Lexa SL (Compact)(white and teal)

Stolen Bike:


100 Series Alpha Aluminum

Bike Stats

  • Manufacturer: Trek
  • Year: 2014
  • Model: Lexa SL (Compact)
  • Serial Number: WTU282C7623G
  • Bike Tire Style: Narrow

Theft Details

Locking description
Not Available
Locking circumvented
I placed my bike on the bike rack on my car at 7:10 AM. When I went back out at 8:00 AM my bike was gone and the person who stole it had ditched his bike by the side of the road. I kept his bike and put it in my shed for the police.
Date stolen
Where Stolen
Salt Lake City, 84102
Police report #
Department & city
Salt Lake City
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