2012 Trek 7.4 FX WSD(teal)

Stolen Bike:


FX Alpha Gold Aluminum

Bike Stats

  • Manufacturer: Trek
  • Year: 2012
  • Model: 7.4 FX WSD
  • Serial Number: WTU133C1062G
  • Bike Tire Style: Narrow

Theft Details

Locking description
Cable lock
Locking circumvented
Theft was caught on video. surveillance video. Bike was locked to rack in underground garage. Thief rode another bike into the garage, clipped the lock, threw the lock in the dumpster, and then rode off with both bikes.
Date stolen
Where Stolen
Salt Lake City, UT, 84101
Police report #
Department & city
SLPD, Salt Lake City, UT
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