Biking the Great Divide (A Woman’s Point of View)

Biking the Great Divide (A Woman’s Point of View)

The “basic off-pavement riding skills” and the sheer magnitude of all that climbing had me quaking in my cleats. I never considered actually riding the Divide because I thought it was way beyond my capabilities; but, I was more than willing to watch a film about it. Vince and I saw an awesome documentary called “Ride the Divide” and that changed my mind. The Divide didn’t look so bad. I was just thinking out loud when I told Vince that, “I think I can do that.” That’s all it took for him to start making plans. And once you tell all your friends, you’re committed!

Bike Utah News for July 2014

It has been a busy few months for Bike Utah. We have been working on a number of initiatives that we hope will make bicycling safer and more fun regardless of where you ride in Utah. Here are a few of the initiatives:

Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee Seeks New Members

July 17, 2014 – Salt Lake County is seeking applicants to fill five positions in its 15 member Bicycle Advisory Committee. The committee (SLCBAC) reviews and offers input on all bicycle-related proposals and projects, working closely with the Mayor’s office and other County departments. This is an exciting time to be engaged in cycling initiatives within […]

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