Parley’s Canyon Closed to Cyclists from Mouth to Milepost 131 – Use Emigration instead through Fall 2013

UDOT is improving drainage at the base of Parley’s Canyon through milepost 131 (about 2 miles up the canyon). The construction is impacting the shoulders of I-80, and therefore the lower canyon is closed to cyclists in both directions. Cyclists riding from Salt Lake to Park City and vice-versa are advised to follow Emigration Canyon […]

The Mean Streets Of Springtime

Winter commuting by bicycle; cold, wet, quiet mornings, just the sound of water slicking the fenders and one or more of my sons sniffling back a runny nose and asking me, from the back of the bike, about why only some of the geese have flown fly south by January. Sometimes the ride feels like that scene from Twelve Monkeys, when the Bruce Willis character comes up to the surface and finds snow and silence. There are still clashes between cars and riders trying to share the road, but winter seems to lower the frequency and intensity.

Nutrition Series, Part 1 of 3: Protein Needs for Cyclists

The word “protein” is derived from the Greek word, “proteos” meaning first and, when it comes to reputation of this macronutrient in the diets of athletes, the name seems to fit. Surveys assessing the nutrition knowledge of athletes often find that they believe protein is more important than either carbohydrate or fat in athletic performance. But, is protein deserving of this position on the pedestal of the athlete’s diet? In this month’s nutrition article—the first of a three-part series– we will take a look at the role of protein in cycling performance as well as protein recommendations for endurance athletes, considering the amount and timing of protein intake around training. In subsequent articles we will address the topics of meeting protein needs on a vegetarian diet and protein supplementation.

Cyclists in Summit County Need to be Good Ambassadors

With the Park City and Summit County area having 4-5 events nearly every weekend during the summer, ‘special events” start to become something other than ‘special.’ Residents also confuse casual group rides with formal events; to the residents the distinction is irrelevant as both types of rides have the same impacts. They become angry, distrustful, and ever more anti-cyclist.

Moab and Grand County Earn Silver Bicycle Friendly Community Award; Orem Gets Honorable Mention

he City of Moab and surrounding Grand County jointly applied to the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) for designation as a BFC. Cyclists don’t necessarily end their trips where government jurisdiction changes and the city and county effectively work together to advance all forms of cycling. So the combined application worked in their favor.