Cyclo-Cross Star Jonathan Page Relocates to Utah

We caught up with cyclocross superstar Jonathan Page on June 29th. The 36 year old rider just moved to Utah and will be sure to shake up the local racing scene. Page was the 2006 Silver Medalist in the UCI World Cyclocross Championships, and 2003 and 2004 U.S.  National Champion. He raced in Europe last […]

Chocolate and Your Sports Diet

Chocolate—Is it a bad food for athletes, an addictive drug, and the instigator of dietary disasters? Or is it a health food, dieter’s weight loss aid, and effective recovery food for tired, hungry athletes?

Alpine Cited For Great Use of Safe Routes to School Grant

You needn’t look any further than Alpine, right here in Utah to prove the benefits of the endangered Safe Routes to School (SRS) program. SRS itself is traveling an unsafe route to survival, running on a spare tire presently in a seemingly endless series of leases on life while Congress continues to debate its future. But a national study cited Alpine’s use of an SRS grant as a reason to support bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in small towns.

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